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My opt-in form isn't collecting subscribers. What should I do?
My opt-in form isn't collecting subscribers. What should I do?

My signup form shows 28 opt-ins but I can’t find them in my subscriber list or segment

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In Flodesk, you can create various signup forms (Inline Form, Pop up Form, Full page Form, Link in bio Form) to collect email addresses for your list. If you look at a form’s card on your Forms dashboard, it shows the number of opt-ins to date. It looks similar to the below screenshot.

Your opt-in form adds subscribers to the segment you defined when creating your opt-in form.

To double-check the segment connected to your form, hover over the form’s card, click the three dots (...) in the upper right corner and select Change segments. It displays the segment linked to the form.

Now, if you go to your Audience > Segments dashboard and look at that segment’s card, it shows you how many subscribers are in there.

In most cases, these numbers will match.

What if the numbers don’t match?

Your account may be under review

If the opt-in form shows a certain number of opt-ins, but you can't find those people in your subscriber list or in the connected segments, your Flodesk account is most likely under activation or under review.

While your account is under activation or review, some account features are disabled, and forms will not collect subscriber data and this data will not be stored in the backend.

A subscriber opted in more than once

A mismatch could also happen if a subscriber repeatedly opts in with the same email address using the same opt-in form. Each form submission will count towards the number of opt-ins, but the subscriber will be added only once to the segment with that email address.

You can check this by analyzing your opt-in data on the Forms activity chart under the Forms Analytics dashboard.

Let’s sum it up!

If your opt-in form shows a certain number of opt-ins and you can’t find them in your connected segment,

  • Your Flodesk account may be under activation or review, or

  • Subscribers may have opted in with the same email address repeatedly.

More to learn:

If you need technical assistance, please submit a support ticket via email at support[at] mentioning your Flodesk account login email with a detailed description of your problem.

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