Flodesk is an intelligent platform designed to give both you and your subscribers the best experience possible. This means we do everything we can to prevent sending your subscribers the same email multiple times. Here's how:

A subscriber can be in multiple segments at the same time, but Flodesk only counts that subscriber once in your overall audience. 

To help you understand this concept, think of segments as attributes modifying a single subscriber, rather than the subscriber being duplicated multiple times into multiple segments. Let's say we have a subscriber who is in two segments, Segment A and Segment B:

Now, let's say we're going to send an email to both Segment A and Segment B here:

Rebecca@flodesk.com will only get this email once. Flodesk not only knows that the email should go out to Segment A and Segment B, but that rebecca@flodesk.com is in both Segment A and Segment B, and should only get the email one time. 

Rest assured that no matter how many segments you select, an individual subscriber will only get this email once when you send out your email.

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