My Account Settings

Brand settings, email and domain set up, plan & billing, login credentials

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From choosing a template to customizing and sending

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Learn all about the easiest way to sell online

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Set up your opt-in forms

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Automate your campaigns

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Managing your subscribers

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Take control of your email marketing success with powerful insights. Double-down on what’s working and learn where there’s room to improve.

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How to connect and integrate your apps to Flodesk with or without Zapier

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Affiliate Program

Make passive income by sharing a product you use and love 💸

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Segments and Tags

Everything you need to know about organizing your subscribers

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Organize your content

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Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of quick answers for our members' most-asked questions

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Compliance and Deliverability

From GDPR and CAN-SPAM Act compliance to your Sender Reputation and how it affects your deliverability

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Keyboard accessibility improvements and screen reader support

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Get in touch

You can always contact us if you have any questions that we haven't yet covered

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Flodesk University

Your one-stop shop for learning email marketing

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This one is for the curious

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