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How to set up double opt-in for your subscribers
How to set up double opt-in for your subscribers

A step by step guide on how to enable, customize, and publish a double opt-in system for your forms

Written by Rebecca Shostak
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Flodesk offers the ability to easily set up a beautifully branded, customizable double opt-in system for your forms.

What do we mean by Double opt-in?

Basically, a double opt-in is an additional step used to make sure a subscriber wants to join your email list. They have to give express consent by confirming their email address.

Think of it as a second layer of subscriber consent: by clicking the subscribe button on your opt-in form, your subscriber is giving you a first layer of permission to contact them via e-mail. 

This first action will trigger an automated e-mail from the Flodesk system that gets sent out to the subscriber's inbox, asking them once more to confirm that they wish to be on your list. This is considered the second layer of permission, hence the "double" in "double opt-in".

Once your subscriber clicks the second confirmation button in the automated double opt-in email, and only then, the subscriber will be added to your email list.

If they haven't clicked the link in the double opt-in to confirm their subscription yet, they are marked with greyed-out records and as ‘Unconfirmed’.

Flodesk won't deliver emails to someone with an unconfirmed email address. And you can’t manually confirm your subscribers or resend the double opt-in email.

Double opt-ins are an excellent tool to help:

  • Stay compliant with your country's email marketing and spam regulations

  • Prevent automated malicious intruders (aka spambots) from joining your list

  • Ensuring that your list is full of engaged, active readers who are really excited to hear from you

How do I set up the double opt-in for my form?

Note: double opt-in is not enabled by default.

Please refer to the steps below in order to enable it for any of your current forms or new forms going forward.

Step 1. You will find the control to turn on double opt-in for any form(s) in your account by navigating to the Forms area > finding an existing form you want to enable > click the 3 dots on the form > select Customize

Note: if you are starting from a new form rather than an existing one, please skip to step 2.

Step 2. Enable double opt-in for your form

Once you've reached your form's Customize step, you'll see a screen that allows you to turn double opt-in on or off. 

Make sure the button "Yes" is selected, like this:

Then, click the button below that says "Customize opt-in message". 

This will take you to the bottom of the Account settings > Opt-in setup page in a new tab. Keep the "Customize" tab open to come back to once you've finished setting up your opt-in.

Note: if you've already customized your confirmation email and Thank you page, you do not need to customize them a second time. If you've already customized them, continue to Step 5.

Step 3. Customize your opt-in email

In your new tab, you'll see the option to customize your double opt-in email and your Thank you page. Let's customize the email first by clicking the "Edit" button.

The sole purpose of this email is to get your new subscriber to click the button to confirm their subscription.

Although Flodesk allows you to customize this email to match your brand, we highly recommend you keep it as short, simple, and minimal as possible. The default template in your account is already optimized for maximum conversion—adding more to it runs the risk of lowering your conversion rate.

Remember to change the default Flodesk signature to your own signature in the email. It should reflect your business.

Note: the double opt-in email will always send from your account's default sending email address. We highly recommend sending a test to yourself using the paper plane icon in the top left-hand corner to make sure it does not land in the spam box. Additionally, the subject line cannot be altered—we do this to give your email the highest chance of landing in the inbox as possible.

Once you've finished customizing your double opt-in email, click "Finish" at the top to continue setting up your Thank you page.

Step 4. Customize your Thank you page

The purpose of your Thank you page is to provide a delightful experience to your new subscribers. Use it to thank them for joining your list and let them know a bit more about what they can look forward to as a subscriber. 

Clicking the logo on the Thank you page will redirect them back to your website. You can also add social media icons or a link in your text to direct traffic to a URL of your choosing.

You can customize both the Header text and the Message.

Step 5. Publish your form

Once you've set up your double opt-in email and Thank you page, return to the browser tab with your form on the "Customize" step. Proceed with the final steps, and publish (or re-publish) your form. Your double opt-in system is now automagically enabled!

A few things to note:

  • Your double opt-in email and Thank-you page are unique to your account, not to a single form. You only need to customize them once.

  • You may enable a double opt-in for any or all forms in your account. In other words, enabling double opt-in for one form will not automatically enable it for the rest of your forms. We've done this to give you full control over your subscribers' form experience

  • If an existing active subscriber uses a form with double opt-in enabled, they will not receive the double opt-in confirmation email since they are already active in your Audience.

How to resend the double opt-in email to 'Unconfirmed' subscribers?

If a subscriber fails to confirm their subscription, they'll be marked as 'Unconfirmed' in your Audience.

If after a few days, the subscriber is still 'Unconfirmed', you can resend the double opt-in email to them by clicking on Resend opt-in > Resend now.

You can resend the double opt-in email as many times as you wish to the same Unconfirmed audience member, but you have to wait 24 hours between each email send.

If it's less than 24 hours after your previous try, you will see an alert message like on the screenshot below.

Let's sum it up!

Flodesk allows you to set up a seamlessly branded double opt-in system that requires your subscribers to confirm they want to be on your list by: 

  1. opting into a form and then 

  2. confirming their subscription via an automated email in the inbox. 

You can enable double opt-in for any form by going to Forms > Click the 3 dot menu on any existing form or creating a new form > Customize step > Select "Yes". You can then access the link to customize your double opt-in email and Thank you page.

Once the double opt-in feature for a form is enabled, subscribers will only be added to your list once they've confirmed their subscription via your double opt-in email.

If they fail to confirm their subscription, they'll be marked as 'Unconfirmed' in your Audience.

You can resend the double opt-in email to Unconfirmed subscribers by clicking on Resend opt-in > Resend now.

If an existing active subscriber uses a form with double opt-in enabled, they will not receive the double opt-in confirmation email since they are already active in your Audience.

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