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How to customize the delivery page in Flodesk Checkout
How to customize the delivery page in Flodesk Checkout

A detailed guide to editing the available blocks on the delivery page

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Flodesk Checkout is the easiest way to sell online. Once your customer reviews your offer on the sales page and makes a purchase, they will land on the delivery page. This is where they can see what they bought and find the instructions on how to access them.

To begin designing your delivery page in Flodesk Checkout, click on the Delivery tab at the top of the page.

Add your logo

Add your logo by clicking on the top block with the image placeholder.

On the settings panel on the right, click the Upload image box and select your logo from your computer. The recommended file size is 2000 x 2000 px.

We’ve optimized the checkout page for conversion, considering the devices, call-to-action placements and more, so there’s currently no way to make the logo bigger.

Note: if you don’t wish to display your logo on top of the delivery page, you can toggle it off under the Page settings.

Customize the Receipt block

The receipt block is the following section on the delivery page below the logo. The receipt block summarizes for your customer what they have purchased. It includes an image, order details and an order summary section.

These order details and the order summary are auto-generated, and you can't edit them now. Also, unlike the logo, you won't be able to remove the receipt block via the Page settings.

If you don't wish to display an image here or want to show the order summary, you can toggle them off under the Block settings.

You can pick a different background color. And if you change the text color here, it will apply to the order details and order summary sections.

Additionally, you can customize the divider line and set a border for the whole block.

Remember to update the placeholder text based on your brand voice.

To edit the receipt block's header copy, click on it once and pick a different font size or color. You can also change the text alignment and transform the text to all caps, title case or lowercase.

Edit the Instructions block

The following section is the instructions block. You can use it to give your customers instructions on accessing or downloading their purchases.

The instructions block consists of a header, paragraph and button element. You can remove any of them if you don’t need them under the Block settings.

In this example, we toggled off the button, changed the block’s background color and set a border.

To edit the placeholder header and paragraph, highlight the text and simply overwrite it with your copy. And use the Font tab to customize its appearance further.

Note: if you don’t wish to display an instructions section on your delivery page, you can toggle it off under the Page settings. This removes it from the delivery page. If you change your mind, turn it on again.

Customize the Download block

The download block lets customers download their product directly from the delivery page.

The download block consists of an image, header, paragraph and button element. While you can remove any of them under the Block settings, we recommend keeping the button.

In this example, we removed the image and changed the background color. To make the header and the paragraph text readable, we set different font color. And updated the copy text.

Let’s look at the Download now button.

You can style the button under the Button tab.

Change the button font settings under the Font tab.

And you can link your file download under the Download tab.

We recommend linking directly to your hosted file (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). Also, make sure to enter the full URL starting with https://

Edit the Upsell block

If, next to your main product, you also offer an upsell, use this space to give your customers instructions to access or download their upsell.

Note: this section only displays on the delivery page when an upsell is purchased. If a customer only buys your main product, this section won’t be visible to them.

The upsell block consists of an image, header, paragraph and button element that you can toggle on or off according to your needs.

You'll find the same styling and customization options for the header, paragraph and button as seen in the previous download block.

Remember to link your upsell file under the button’s Download tab.

Note: if you don’t have an upsell to offer next to your main product, you can toggle off the upsell block under the Page settings.

Tweak the Bonus offer block

Think of the bonus offer block as a nice gesture to surprise your customers with an additional free item upon purchase.

The bonus offer block consists of a list, image, header, paragraph, and button element. Additionally, you can turn on/off the list icons, define how many list items you want to display and choose from three list widths.

Note: if you don’t want to give a bonus offer, you can toggle off the bonus offer block under the Page settings. This will remove the block from your delivery page.

You can toggle it on any time later if you change your mind.

And that’s it! Your delivery page is ready for its first customer.

Let’s sum it up!

Once a customer makes a purchase, they will land on the delivery page. Customize this page according to your needs using the following blocks:

  • Logo

  • Receipt block

  • Instructions block

  • Download block

  • Upsell block

  • Bonus offer block

Except for the receipt block, you can remove any other blocks from your delivery page to suit your needs.

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