Our ever-expanding Help Center contains 100+ articles to help you get the most out of Flodesk, covering topics from updating your account details, adding your social media profile to creating your first freebie delivery workflows and more.

Whether you're viewing a specific Help Center article or visiting the main 'All collections' view, the Help Center search bar is displayed on the top of the page for easy access.

Where can I get help?

You can navigate to https://help.flodesk.com/en/ directly to access the Help Center.

You can also access the Help Center from our main flodesk.com page by navigating to the bottom and clicking on the Help Center quick link.

If you're logged into your Flodesk account, you can go to the Help Center by hovering over your avatar in the top right corner, and clicking the 'Get help' menu option. It will open the Help Center page in a new browser tab.

If you're having trouble finding the answer you need, here are some tips to make your searches more effective.

How to use the search feature in the Help center

Add your search terms in (American) English

Our Help Center articles are only available in English. If you're searching for key phrases in your local language, it won't be able to show you potential search results.

We use American English spelling, so if you may have searched with British English spelling, check if the American spelling yields results.

Use just a few keywords related to your issue

Instead of using full sentences in your search like "why can't I upload images to my email?" that may produce several irrelevant answers, consider typing 'can't upload image' or 'upload image'.

Browse through the relevant Collections

If searching doesn't help you find the answer you need, you can click on a Collection name, such as "My Account Settings" or "Workflows," and browse through the list of related articles.

If you still can't find the answer

If you have exhausted your search and still can't find the answer, our Member Experience team is happy to help—just email us at support@flodesk.com with your question.

Also, we'd love to hear about your recent experience when searching for solutions to issues in the Flodesk Help Center. With your feedback, we can improve our knowledge base with new and better ways to help you succeed!

Alternatively, you can also run an additional search in our Flodesk Insiders Facebook Group.


If you couldn't find a solution for your issue in the Help center, please send us a note to support@flodesk.com mentioning your Flodesk account login email with a detailed description of your problem.

Let's sum it up

You can access our Help Center by navigating to https://help.flodesk.com/en/ or via the quick menu link in your Flodesk Account, under the 'Get help' section.

When searching in the Help Center, use just a few key phrases in English related to your issue. And make sure to check the available articles within specific Collections, too.

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