Flodesk University is our online campus offering you free courses in the form of quick videos where Flodesk instructors and members share their knowledge, insights and wisdom so that you can take your email campaigns to the next level.

Where can I find Flodesk University?

You can access Flodesk University directly via https://university.flodesk.com/.

Flodesk Univerisity is open for anyone—there's no signup or registration needed.

What can I find at Flodesk University?

Glossary of email definitions

Have you ever wondered what is meant by 'Click-through rate'?

Or 'Conversion'?

Or 'Hard bounce' in email marketing?

The Glossary section gives you quick definitions of all the terms you can encounter when building and growing your email list.

It's alphabetically listed and you can also use the Search bar on the page.


This the section where you can locate all the video lessons. Whether your goal is to get started with Flodesk or take your email strategy to the next level, you'll find insightful tutorials here from Flodesk instructors and members.

Goal: Getting started with Flodesk

This section is all about the basics. You'll find the following tutorials here:

5 High-Converting Places on Your Website to Add Your Opt-in Email Form

Find out how to turn more website visitors into email subscribers with your form placements.

Understanding Your Flodesk Email & Workflow Analytics

Take your email marketing strategy up a notch by understanding your email and workflow analytics.

How to Write Opt-in Form Copy that Converts

Learn how to get more subscribers on your list with the right form copy.

How to Build an Email List Without a Website

No website? No problem. Learn how to build an email list without a website pronto using our Full Page Form. You’ll be on your way to email marketing success in no time.

How to Create Your First Email Workflow in Flodesk

Get the step-by-step for how to create a Flodesk email workflow that delivers an email freebie and a welcome sequence.

The Exact Steps to Create a Lead-Generating Freebie Download

Give people a reason to give you their email address. Learn how to create lead-generating freebie download people actually want.

Tips for Starting a Business: 5 Questions You Should Always Ask

Set your business up for success from the start. Get clarity on the problem you’re solving, who you’re helping and how to use email marketing to reach them with these five questions.

How to Use Flodesk Workflows to Automate Your Freebie Download

In this tutorial, learn how to automate emails—including the delivery of your freebie—using Flodesk Workflows.

Goal: Creating engaging content

This section is all about emails and telling engaging stories and connecting with your subscribers. You'll find the following tutorials here:

What Is Branding: Mastering the 3-Part Formula Backed by Science

Learn the difference between brand, branding and brand identity and how to use all three to attract your ideal clients in a scientifically proven way.

How to Get People to Open Your Emails

Discover the do's —and don'ts—of writing good subject lines.

The 5 Steps of Successful (and Tactful) Crisis Communications

Discover how to communicate effectively with your customers in times of heightened stress and anxiety.

How to Write Click-Worthy Email Subject Lines

Find out how to increase your open rates—and get your content in front of more people—by writing irresistible subject lines.

How to Write a Newsletter (a Really, Really Good One)

Learn the best structure and exact steps for how to write a newsletter that will help you grow your business.

Creating Content From Everyday Experiences to Fuel Your Email Strategy

Three steps to create content from everyday experiences that deepen both your brand story and your audience connection.

Video Tips: How to Make Better Videos

Learn how to make better videos that share your story and help you connect with your audience on a deeper level with these video tips.

3 Tips to Connect with Your Audience in Emails

Take the mystery out of writing your emails with these proven tips to connect with your audience.

Brand Voice: What It Is, How to Develop Yours & Why It Matters

Find out how to develop a strong brand voice to attract and connect with your target audience faster—whether you’re a new business or an established one.

How to Write Email Copy That Gets More Opens, Clicks and Sales

Learn best practices for how to write email copy that gets more engagement, from subject lines that get opened to strategies that showcase your voice.

3 Steps to Tell Your Founder Story

Learn one of the best forms of marketing your business: Telling your founder story.

How to Use Video in Emails

Get tips for how to use video in emails—and incorporate gifs—to get more clicks and less unsubscribes.

Goal: Taking your strategy to the next level

This section is all about email list building and marketing strategy. You'll find the following tutorials here:

How to Sell Without Selling

Not comfortable selling? Try the SELL approach, the powerful way to grow your business by putting your customers' needs first.

How to Grow Your Email List Through Content Partnerships

Learn how to reach new audiences and get more email subscribers through multiple types of partnerships.

5 Steps to a Memorable Client Experience (for More Referrals & Repeat Clients)

Deliver a client experience from start to finish that generates the kind of buzz that creates forever fans of your brand.

How to Build an Email List: 5 Ways to Market Your Freebie

Wondering how to build an email list? Create your valuable freebie, then learn how to market it like a pro.

What Is the Marketing Funnel? (And How to Make It Work for Your Business)

Learn how to attract and convert your ideal customers in a proven, repeatable way by understanding how the marketing funnel, aka the customer journey, works.

Strategies for Launching Your List: How to Build an Email List for Free

Learn tried-and-true strategies for how to build an email list for free, from mobilizing your audience to help you share about it to creating emails people want to read.

How to Grow Your Email List: Focus on Your Target Audience vs. Your Ideal Client

How to grow your email list even faster? Start getting your freebie in front of your target audience and stop focusing on your ideal client.

Goal: Making money while you sleep

This section is all about conversions and making money with the help of email marketing. You'll find the following tutorials here:

What Are Workflows and When to Use Them in Your Email Marketing

Wondering “What are workflows?” Learn when you’d use them to automate your emails and how they can help.

How to Write a Workflow Email Funnel

Wondering what to say in your workflow email funnel to maximize conversion? Get the step by step for the content to include and the order to send them.

How to Use A Quiz to Grow Your Email List

Why quizzes are a great way to get people to sign up for your email list.

Goal: Improving your design

This section is all about email design best practices. You'll find the following tutorial here:

How to Design Accessible Emails

Learn how to improve your subscribers' reading experience so your message and brand shine through.

Let's sum it up!

Flodesk University is your one-stop-shop for learning email marketing. You’ll find quick, information-packed videos taught by members and real-life small business owners on topics like:

  • Creating engaging content

  • Making money while you sleep

  • Taking your strategy to the next level

  • Getting started with Flodesk

  • Improving your design

What will you learn next?

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