BookFunnel is an author service that specializes in ebook and audio distribution, sending Advanced Review Copies (ARCs), and creating tools that save indie authors time. You can use BookFunnel to use your content as a lead magnet to grow your subscriber list.

You can automate adding subscribers from BookFunnel to Flodesk within minutes using Zapier.

Things you’ll need for the integration

  • Flodesk account

  • Zapier account

  • BookFunnel account

  • At least one book, signup page, and subscriber in BookFunnel

  • At least one segment in Flodesk

Note: You need a Bestseller or Publisher plan in BookFunnel in order to connect to Zapier. You can also add integrations to any Mid-List plan for an additional fee.

You can check out BookFunnel’s pricing page for more information.

Connecting BookFunnel and Flodesk via Zapier

Step 1. Create a new zap and give it a name.

Step 2. Select BookFunnel as the Trigger and choose an Event.

For this example, we will use “New Subscriber” as the event that starts the zap. This means that the zap will start when a reader subscribes on BookFunnel.

Step 3. Zapier will redirect you to connect your account to BookFunnel. If you're connecting BookFunnel to Zapier for the first time, you will be asked to enter a BookFunnel Zap Key.

You can access your BookFunnel Zap Key by going to the Integrations page in your account dashboard. Action → Add integration → Zapier → Create BookFunnel Zap Key.

Copy and paste that in Zapier. Click the “Yes, Continue” button to complete the process.

Step 4. Zapier will test the trigger to make sure it works properly. This step is optional.

Step 5. Create a new Action.

Select Flodesk as the Action and choose the Event. For this example, we will use “Create/Update Subscriber” as the action that happens when the zap runs.

The first step almost always should be 'Create/Update Subscriber' in Flodesk. Unless the subscriber’s address already exists in Flodesk, they can't be added to segments, workflows, etc.

Step 6. If this is your first time connecting Flodesk and Zapier, you’ll be prompted to log into your Flodesk account.

Step 7. Choose your segment and any additional data fields that you want to map when the subscriber is added to Flodesk.

Step 9. Test your zap.

Step 10. After the test is successful, you can review the zap or turn on the zap so that it’s live.

Let’s sum it up

You can use Zapier to connect BookFunnel to Flodesk. When you receive a new subscriber in BookFunnel, Zapier will automatically add them as a subscriber to your Flodesk Audience.

You will need a Bestseller or Publisher plan in BookFunnel in order to connect to Zapier. Alternatively, you can also add integrations for third-party software like Zapier to any Mid-List plan for an additional fee.

When you’re creating the zap in Zapier, use BookFunnel as the trigger segment and Flodesk as the action segment.

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