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Zapier ⚡ Flodesk Integration
Zapier ⚡ Flodesk Integration

What is Zapier and how do I set it up?

Written by Martha Bitar
Updated over a week ago

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool that lets you connect the apps you use everyday to automate your work and be more productive. Through Zapier, you can connect Flodesk to more than 1500 apps and easy integrations in minutes.

At Flodesk, we like to think of Zapier as a universal adapter for the world's top apps. For example, let's say that you have a course on Thinkific and you want all new students who enroll in your course to get your Flodesk welcome sequence. It's easy to do a manual upload, but once you've started getting a few a day, the time starts to add up.

We know time is valuable, and this is a typical scenario in which Zapier can help make your life easier. You'd create a "zap" so every time a new student enrolls in your Thinkific course, it will trigger their email to be added to a segment in Flodesk, which will automatically start them on your welcome sequence.

And boom, what would've taken you 15-20 mins a day to do, is now all automagically done for you. But this is just one quick example. We're excited to see what YOU will be creating!

Note: we also offer integrations via Pabbly Connect or via Flodesk API.

We've collected some top zaps our members use for easy access. Go to your Account settings > Integrations and scroll down to the Favorites from Zapier section to access them.

Connecting Zapier and Flodesk

Click on the 'Explore' button or select one from the top Zaps. If you don't have a Zapier account yet, you'll be prompted to create one.

Before you create your first zap, let's go over some key Zapier concepts:


A Zap is an automated workflow that connects your apps and services together. Each Zap consists of a trigger and one or more actions. When you turn your Zap on, it will run the action steps every time the trigger event occurs.


A trigger is an event that starts a Zap. For example, if you want to send a text message each time you receive an email, the trigger is ‘new email in inbox’. 


An action is an event a Zap performs after it is triggered. For example, if you want to send a text message each time you receive an email, the action is ‘send a text message’. 

Sample data

When you first set up your Zap trigger, Zapier will attempt to find some sample data from your trigger app to use in the Zap. For example, if your trigger brings in data from a new Google Sheets spreadsheet row, Zapier will pull in a sample row. The sample row can then be used as test data in an action step later in the Zap.

Synching interval

A Zap’s syncing interval is the frequency that your Zaps will check the triggering app for new data. When you upgrade to a Professional plan or higher, your Zaps will check for new data and run every 5 minutes instead of every 15 minutes as on the Free and Starter plan. For example, if you use Zapier to trigger emails to customers, the emails will be sent within 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes. 

Multi-step Zap

A single-step Zap has one trigger and one action. If the Zap has more than one action, or includes filters or searches, it is considered a multi-step Zap. Multi-step Zaps are not available on a free Zapier plan.

Creating your first Zap

Now that you have connected Zapier and Flodesk and that you're familiar with key concepts in Zapier, let's create your first zap!

After you've created a new Zapier account or logged in to your existing one, you'll see your home screen. Click on the orange "Make a Zap!" button on the top right of your screen.

Select the two apps you'd like to connect. For example, we'll be connecting Facebook Lead ads and Flodesk, so when a new lead on Facebook is created, this triggers a new subscriber being created in Flodesk, and added to a Facebook Leads segment.

Next, you'll need to sign in to both apps, and specify the data related to the trigger, in this case, the Facebook page where the new Facebook Leads will be coming from.

Click on "continue" and follow the prompts to test your data to ensure that the right information is pulling from your first app.

Select your second app, in this case, Flodesk, and specify the action that you'd like to take. Here, we'd like to create or update a subscriber in Flodesk.

Customize the required fields, for example, select the segment where you'd like to add your new or updated subscriber. Also choose any additional data that you'd like to import into Flodesk. In this example, I added not only the lead's email, but also their full name.

Voila! You should be ready to test your Zap and make sure everything worked properly.

If for any reason your Zap didn't work, we recommend the following steps for troubleshooting:

  1. Check out the most common issues and how to troubleshoot them in this guide.

  2. Contact Zapier support. They're incredibly responsive and always happy to help!

  3. Find a Zapier expert in their extensive directory of professionals to set up for you!

If everything looks good, the last step is to turn your Zap on. 

Woohoo! You're all set. Step into automated bliss. ✨

More to learn

If you need technical assistance, please submit a support ticket via email at support[@] mentioning your Flodesk account login email with a detailed description of your problem.

Do you have an idea for a feature that will help improve Flodesk for you and other members? Our Product team would love to hear from you.

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