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How to connect your Interact quiz to Flodesk without Zapier
How to connect your Interact quiz to Flodesk without Zapier

A step by step guide on how to connect your Interact lead magnet quiz to Flodesk

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A special thanks to Savannah Leigh of Savvy Leigh Photography for first bringing this to our attention.

A lead magnet is something you promote on your website to encourage visitors to sign up to your email list. Normally free incentives, lead magnets can be anything from printables, ebooks, workshops, mini courses and quizzes.

The type of lead magnet you create and offer to your audience will depend on your business, but quizzes are a great way to peak curiosity, create an engaged audience and demonstrate your expertise to your niche.

Interact is a quiz creation platform that allows you to create beautiful, custom-designed quizzes for your website as a high converting lead magnet. It’s a great option for whether you’re a new or established business.

You can find out more about How to Use A Quiz Lead Magnet to Grow Your Email List in Flodesk University.

Want to learn more about the essentials of a lead-generating quiz?

This article gives you examples of How to Beat the Content Slump Around the Holidays With a Quiz. 🙌🏻

Depending on your industry and the results you want to see from your quiz lead magnet, you could use Zapier to connect your Interact account with Flodesk.

While Zapier is a great solution to integrate your Interact quiz to Flodesk, what if you don’t want to use additional software or take on additional expenses?

Good news! All it takes is a bit of prep work to create an in-depth, subscriber focused solution that works seamlessly to connect your Interact Quiz directly to your Flodesk Account.

Here's the step by step walkthrough to easily bring subscribers into your Flodesk list and send them personalized workflows based on their quiz results.

Note: Interact has recently changed their plan structure. You will need a Lite, Growth, or Pro plan in Interact in order to make this work. These plans offer Landing Page Redirect that allows sending visitors to your own, custom designed result landing pages.

Connecting your Interact quiz to Flodesk without Zapier

Step 1: In your Flodesk account, go to your Audience and create a different segment for each quiz result you have.

Name them based on the relevant result for easy navigation (For example, Quiz Result Type 1, Quiz Result Type 2 etc).

These segments are where new subscribers will be put after completing your quiz and how the relevant workflows will be triggered.

Step 2: Design a dedicated page on your website for each of the results. This page will display a snapshot of their quiz results and is where your new subscriber will be redirected to after completing your form.

You can add a summary of their results, bullet points and a reminder to check their email for a full result breakdown.

Step 3: Create Full page forms for each of your quiz results. If you have 4 results, you’ll need 4 forms.

For ease and to save you time, you can design your form once and then duplicate it the number of times you need it. Make sure to label each form to match the segment you'll attach them to in the next step.

Step 4: Add one quiz result segment to each of your forms, so each form is linked to a different segment.

This is how your subscribers will be filtered into the correct workflows for their results.

Add the segments by hovering over the form, clicking the 3 dots in the top corner and clicking 'Change segments'. Then assign the corresponding segment to it.

Step 5: Click each form to edit and select the "Thank you" tab. On the right sidebar, you'll see the Redirect to a URL option.

Step 6: Copy the URL from the corresponding results pages you created on your website under Step 2 into the link box on this page.

For example, if the form is linked to the Quiz Result Type 1 segment, copy the URL for the Quiz Result Type 1 page here.

Repeat this for all of your forms until each has a link to one of your quiz results pages.

Step 7: Head to Interact. When you’ve finished designing your quiz results, click Redirect Results and tick each box next to the results. This will allow you to add a unique URL and redirect new quiz participants to your Full page form URLs.

Step 8: In the box next to each quiz result, add the corresponding Full page form link. You can find the links by hovering over your form in Flodesk, clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner and clicking the Share page link.

Step 9: The final step is to create a workflow for each of your quiz results and add the corresponding Trigger Segment.


You can connect your lead magnet quiz in Interact to Flodesk with a few short set-up steps.

Once set up, your quiz takers will easily become subscribers to your audience. They take your quiz, are redirected to a Flodesk form where they put in their details. In the background, they are then added to a segment and a quiz-results delivery workflow.

Your new subscriber is then redirected to their results page on your website, while the workflow email is sent to their inbox.

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