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How to create your first workflow
How to create your first workflow

Automating your campaigns with workflows

Written by Martha Bitar
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Before we start creating a workflow, you'll want to have your Form (you'll need the segment you assigned to your form) as well as your Email ready. If you haven't already, let's first:

Step 1. Navigate to Workflows on the top menu in your Flodesk account.

Step 2. Click on + New workflow to start a new workflow.

Step 3. Select a template that suits your needs, e.g. one of our welcome email templates, or start from scratch.

Step 4. Name your workflow for easy access in the future.

Step 5. Click Add trigger to define what event causes your automation to begin for a subscriber.

Step 6. Select a trigger, unless you have integrations like Shopify connected, the most commonly used trigger will be when to start an automation when a subscriber is added to a segment.

Step 7. Choose your segment.

Step 8. Click on the + sign to add a new email, time delay or condition.

Step 9. Click on the action you wish to add as the next step in your workflow:

  • Email: sends an email as the next step

  • Time delay: waits a number of minutes, hours, or days before the next step

  • Condition: lets you split your workflow and add different next steps based on whether your subscriber opened the last email or not

  • Action: adds your subscriber to a new segment or removes them from a segment

Step 10. When you're ready, add an email to your workflow and select whether you want to use an existing email (sent or draft email that you previously created) or create a new one now.

Step 12. Select your subject line, sender profile, and preview text. Click Save when done to add this step to your workflow.

Step 13. You did it! Now click Publish now to start your automation. You can always pause or edit it in the future. Once live, you can go to your Workflows in your top menu and check insights for each automation you have published.

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