If you're wondering why our flodesk.com site says "Email marketing just got funkytown", read on.

It was a cold summer night in San Francisco, and we were exhausted after having spent the entire day designing our new workflows feature.

We were not listening to music, at least not in real life—but we were in our head. 

You know what happens when two women friendtrepreneurs are laying on the floor celebrating progress and at the same time looking up at the mega steep mountain they know they still have to climb. You know, they start singing old songs with made up lyrics.

So one of us starts singing "gotta make a move to a platform that's right for you" in the funkytown song tune, the other one catches it....

We decided to add it to the flodesk.com site as an easter egg to see who catches it, and truly to get you reading this article so we could share...

Our Founding Story

A marketing genius and design nerd walk into a bar—or in our case an apartment in San Francisco.

Lime and tequila.

Gin and tonic.

When you find a perfect match, you just know it. 

In Flodesk’s case, it was the perfect blend of two distinct personalities. 

Martha had been marketing since the day she turned lemons into lemonade. She could circle a room in thirty minutes and leave knowing everyone’s name, birthday, and what they ate for breakfast. Recruited by a three letter agency for her multi-lingual prowess and international connections, she said no thank you to a life of espionage and set out to use her communications skills in Silicon Valley.

Rebecca was a design genius whose weapons of choice are a laptop with a full suite of Adobe, a glass of red wine, and a yearly pass to the MoMA. She was one hundred percent introvert with experience designing for millionaires and rockstars. Yes, rockstars—we mean that literally.

They exchanged stories and bonded over how frustrating it was that their brilliant entrepreneur friends were getting so stuck with email marketing platforms and not leveraging this super high converting channel to grow their business.

One thing led to another... and they stayed up all night working up a mock up design of a simple and more intuitive way to do things. And this is how Flodesk was born.

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