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Why can’t my imported list be serviced?
Why can’t my imported list be serviced?

A quick overview of common types of lists that can't be used with Flodesk.

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Flodesk must follow industry privacy and anti-spam regulations in order to provide a reliable service to our members and to their subscribers. This includes GDPR, the CAN-Spam Act, and other relevant legislation globally.

These guidelines will explain what kinds of lists can’t be serviced by Flodesk.

Note: Be sure to review our full guide on email marketing permission here: Obtaining Permission form your Subscribers.

If we detect a list that doesn’t meet email marketing permission requirements, we may either prevent the list from being uploaded to your account, or contact you to ask you to remove a list already uploaded to your account.

A few of the most common types of lists that can't be serviced:

  • 3rd-party lists. This includes purchased or rented lists, scraped lists, lists compiled from publicly accessible data, lists from professional organizations, leads lists, list obtained from MLMs, lists provided at trade shows or conferences, etc.

  • Implied consent lists. This includes lists of contacts who’ve signed up for your website, app, group, or course, who’ve made a purchase from your business or who’ve requested specific information such as a quote.

  • Lists with incomplete or missing opt-in records. You must maintain complete, verifiable opt-in records for your list. If you don't have complete opt-in records, we can't verify your list permission or approve your list.

  • Other types of lists that can't be serviced:

    • Joint opt-in lists (opting-in to multiple brands at once)

    • Giveaway lists

    • Employee lists or organization member lists

    • Student or alumni lists

    • Lists obtained by a different brand than the brand sending marketing emails

A Note on Opt-in Records: Businesses are legally required to maintain complete, accurate, and up-to-date records on marketing opt-in consent. These records protect your business in the event of costly spam complaints.

Flodesk is not able to service lists without complete, verifiable opt-in records.

Learn more about what needs to be included in your opt-in records here: How to move your subscriber list to Flodesk?

Let’s sum it up!

Lists uploaded to Flodesk are reviewed to ensure compliance with privacy regulations, anti-spam laws, and the Flodesk Terms and Conditions.

Some lists can’t be serviced by Flodesk; we may prevent this lists from being uploaded to your account or reach out and ask you to remove a list from your audience.

Be sure to review our guide on Obtaining permission from your subscribers for more info on list collection best practices.

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