Certain industries aren’t able to use Flodesk Checkout. The reason can vary from industry to industry, but in general, we’re not able to service highly regulated industries, or industries that have a higher risk of fraud than other industries.

This article only covers industries and content prohibited from using Flodesk Checkout. For more information on prohibited content and industries for Flodesk Emails, Forms, and Workflows, visit this article: What industries and content are prohibited on Flodesk Email?

Industries prohibited from using Flodesk Checkout include:

  1. Dispensaries, THC, CBD, Alcohol, Tobacco, Weapons/Firearms, and other industries that require age verification.

  2. Adult entertainment, including private content memberships.

  3. Insurance, banking, loans, investments, financial services, and credit/debt management services.

  4. Travel agencies, airlines, cruise lines, and timeshare services.

  5. NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, or related mining services.

  6. Lead generation, including services that sell emails, leads, social media followers or engagement.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list. Be sure to review the Flodesk Terms of Service for a full overview of prohibited uses, industries, and content.

Even if your industry is allowed, some types of content are prohibited on Flodesk Checkout. Prohibited content includes:

  1. Entries to contests, sweepstakes, lotteries or raffles. Gambling, including fantasy sports with monetary prizes.

  2. Products that contain any quantity of THC, CBD, or alcohol, including where these products are legal.

  3. Products provided by an MLM, Network Marketing, or Direct Marketing organization.

  4. Donations or fundraising for unregistered charities.

  5. Nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals.

  6. Real estate, including commercial, vacation, and residential real estate for rent or sale.

Let’s sum it up!

Some industries and content are prohibited on Flodesk Checkout to protect the integrity of our platform and our member base.

Be sure to review the Flodesk Terms of Service for a full overview of prohibited industries, content, and uses.

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