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Stripe FAQs

Some frequently asked questions about how Stripe works with Flodesk Checkout

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Flodesk Checkout is the easiest way to sell online. You don’t need a website or complicated setup with separate tools. Flodesk partners with Stripe to enable payment transactions for Checkouts. Here are a few answers to the questions we get asked most about Stripe.

Q: Why can't I publish my checkout? It says my Stripe setup is pending.

You need to finish setting up your Stripe account before your checkout can accept payments. Once you’ve completed the Stripe onboarding process, your Stripe account will be set up so you can start publishing checkouts and making money.

Your Stripe dashboard will display any payments you receive This is where you can track your balance, see upcoming payouts, and manage where you want your funds transferred.

Q: Why am I being redirected to Stripe while setting up Flodesk Checkout?

Flodesk partners with Stripe to enable payment transactions for checkouts. To ensure your checkouts are set up to receive payments, you must first go through the Stripe onboarding flow to connect your existing Stripe account or set up a new one.

Q: Can I use my existing Stripe account to connect to Flodesk Checkout?

Flodesk partners with Stripe to process checkout payments using Stripe Express. Stripe Express allows our merchants to keep sales transactions made with Flodesk Checkout in a separate dashboard for cleaner analytics. Stripe Express and Stripe Standard are two separate services from Stripe.

If you have an existing Stripe Standard account for your business, you can use the same email associated with that account to set up your Flodesk Checkout Stripe Express account.

This will allow you to easily access your Flodesk Stripe Express account from the dropdown menu within your existing Stripe Standard account. Bear in mind, however, that your Flodesk Checkout transactions will only be viewable within your Stripe Express dashboard and will need to be managed separately from your Stripe Standard account.

Q: How can I access my Stripe dashboard?

There are a few ways to access the Stripe dashboard connected to your Flodesk Checkout.

  • You also can access your Stripe dashboard by going to your Flodesk My Account > Checkout setup > Stripe card ( and clicking on the Manage your Stripe account button.

If you have multiple Stripe accounts, you can access your Flodesk Checkout Stripe dashboard from the top left dropdown within your Stripe account if you’re viewing on desktop.

Stripe also offers an iOS Stripe Express mobile application that you can download onto your iPhone. It’s available on the Apple app store.

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Q: Why is Stripe saying my funds are on hold?

Stripe may put your funds on hold if they’re waiting on you for specific documentation. To resolve the issue, you can contact Stripe directly by asking your question here:

Q: Does it make a difference if I choose to connect my debit card instead of my bank account when setting up my Stripe account?

You can receive funds using both methods, however, Stripe puts a volume limit on the payout amount for accounts set up using a debit card.

If you want to avoid delays, you can change your payout method to use a bank account. For more information on how to do this, check out:
Update bank account or debit card for payouts.

Q: When can I expect to be paid if my checkout flow has made money?

Once you’ve started making money with your checkout flow, expect to receive a payout to your connected Stripe account weekly. You may experience a longer wait with your first payout because Stripe can sometimes delay the first payout by 7-14 days to mitigate risks.

You can also check your payout balance and your next expected payout date by going to and logging into your Stripe dashboard.

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Q: Why is my payout being postponed or changed?

If you’ve noticed your payout being delayed or paused, go to your Stripe dashboard to make sure you’ve submitted the necessary identification documentation.

If there are no obvious notifications indicating that your funds are on hold or requesting that you provide additional information, you can reach out directly to Stripe support here:

Q: How do I contact Stripe support?

You can email Stripe Express support by submitting your question here:

There’s no direct phone number, but you can request Stripe to call you back if you make a request through this form:

Q: What is the Stripe transaction fee?

There is a 3%+.30 Stripe processing fee for transactions that are made through Flodesk Checkout.

Stripe will collect the transaction fee in the currency you’ve set to receive payments for your Flodesk Checkout account.

  • United States: 3% + $0.30

  • Canada: 3% + $0.30

  • Australia: 3% + $0.30

  • New Zealand: 3% + $0.30

  • Great Britain: 3% + £0.30

  • Europe: 3% + €0.30

Q: How do I update my Terms of Service?

You can add Terms of Service to all checkout pages. We recommend protecting your business by having clear terms of service before processing transactions through your checkout. This is where you should clarify your refund policy, any additional disclaimers, and legally binding agreements for using your service.

You can enable the Terms of Service on your checkout by going to the checkout page and clicking on the background of the page to open up the tool panel. On the tool panel, toggle the option for your Terms of Service to ON.

If needed, you can make your Terms and conditions required by adding a mandatory checkbox to accept your terms and conditions. You can learn more about it here: How to add your Terms and conditions to Flodesk Checkout

Once you’ve enabled your Terms of Service, a Terms of Service link will appear on your checkout page beneath the buy button. Click on the link to open up an editor to input and customize your checkout terms.

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