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How do I set up my product details in Flodesk Checkout?
How do I set up my product details in Flodesk Checkout?

All about the Product tab in Flodesk Checkout

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Flodesk Checkout makes it easy to sell your next course, digital product or service. Even if you don't have a website yet.

Once you have selected a Template and built your sales page, it's time to edit the checkout page and add your product.

Click the Setup button at the top right of your checkout builder to edit or view your sales, checkout, and delivery pages.

How to access the Product tab?

On the checkout page, click on the product block to start editing it.

In our example, it's the 'Handmade bag bundle'.

How to edit information on the Product tab?

Make your offer even more appealing by adding a beautiful image, enticing description and clear name.

On the Product tab, you can

  • adjust your offering’s price,

  • mark it as “On sale,”

  • make it free and

  • add your image.

For example, if you’re selling an ebook, you can upload the ebook cover as the image.

Add your product name and description by clicking into the Name and Description boxes.

Reward customer loyalty by offering a discount or making your product free. Or promote a sale or special offer.

To mark your product as on sale or to give it away for free, toggle the sliders next to On sale and Make it free text to the right.

Note: As you make changes in the tab, they’ll be reflected on the left side, automatically.


You can find the Product tab on the checkout page section.

It allows you to upload an image, add a product name and description and to set the price or make it complete free.

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