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Account Suspension Overview
Account Suspension Overview

What is account suspension?

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When a Flodesk account is suspended, this means we’ve permanently discontinued service to that account. The owner of the account is notified by email and any appropriate refunds for the subscription cost will be issued automatically.

Once your account is suspended, you are prohibited from creating new Flodesk accounts or using additional Flodesk accounts.

What happens to my Flodesk account once it’s suspended?

Once your account is suspended, all features are disabled:

  • Emails and test emails will not send.

  • Workflows will not send, active subscribers may be moved to the end of your workflow.

  • Forms will not collect subscriber data and this data will not be stored.

  • New list uploads will not process.

  • Checkouts are not accessible and your Stripe payouts are paused.

  • In some cases, you may no longer be able to access the account.

Why does Flodesk suspend accounts?

  1. Your account has activity that is prohibited by the Flodesk Terms of Service.

  2. Your affiliate activity is prohibited by the Affiliate Agreement.

  3. Your emails contain prohibited content. Learn more here: What industries and content are prohibited on Flodesk Email?

  4. Your Checkout product or service is prohibited: What industries and content are prohibited on Flodesk Checkout?

  5. You have multiple brands on one Flodesk account, or you have multiple Flodesk accounts for the same brand.

  6. You opened a new account, or reactivated an existing account after receiving suspension notice or warning about your account activity.

  7. Ongoing, poor account health. Learn more here: Account Review Overview.

  8. Using subscriber lists that appear scraped or purchased, or your opt-in records appear to have been tampered with.

  9. Abusive behavior towards our team via email or on social media channels.

What should you do if your account is suspended?

Once we make the final decision to suspend an account, you are not able to continue using Flodesk via that account or any other accounts.

You can export your audience for your records.
Learn how to export your Flodesk audience here: How to export a CSV of your subscribers.

Do not attempt to create any new accounts as you are prohibited from using the Flodesk platform.

Note: Our system will automatically issue any appropriate refunds after your suspension.

For billing questions, contact us at support[at] However, Flodesk Support is not able to restore suspended accounts.

Let’s sum it up!

Suspensions are rare cases when we make a final decision to permanently disable an account on our platform.

The most common reasons for suspension are violations of the Flodesk Terms of Service. Be sure to thoroughly read our Terms before using Flodesk.

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