Make it easy for your subscribers to control how they interact with your content by customizing the Preferences Page and letting them opt-in and opt-out of content instead of unsubscribing from your entire list.

You can ask anything you'd like on the Preferences Page, but two common questions that can help you customize your communications with each subscriber throughout your relationship are:

  • "What do you want to hear about?" This question helps you understand the types of content your subscribers want. Since this can change over time, it can be a good idea to repeat this question on your Preferences Page even if you asked it already using Preferences on a form when your subscriber first opted in.

  • "How often do you want to hear from me?" This question helps you understand how often your subscribers want to receive emails from you. You can choose to ask this question on your Preferences Page, but ask "What do you want to hear about?" using Preferences on a form so that you know both how often to email and what to send.

What is the Preferences Page?

It's the place subscribers land on when they click 'Manage Preferences' in the footer of your email next to the 'Unsubscribe' link.

Where can I find and edit the Preferences Page?

The Preferences Page can be found in the My account section under Opt-in setup.

Note: The default settings let subscribers update their personal information on file—like First name and Last name.

Unless you turn on the Preferences this is all that your subscribers will see on this page.

If you want to let subscribers control how they interact with your content you need to toggle on the Preferences.

To start editing, click on any of the options on the main screen. Next, on the right sidebar, add your own content or frequency options, an optional short description and select the relevant segment(s).

Preferences are connected to segments. When subscribers opt-in or out, they will be added or removed from the corresponding segment(s).

To ensure an optimized experience for your subscribers, you can add up to a total of 8 Preferences. To add a new Preference, click the +Add button.

Note: The questions and segments on the Preferences Page and Preferences on forms are not connected. To learn how these work together to help you customize content from the start of—and throughout—your subscriber relationship read our article What is the difference between Preferences in Forms and the Preferences Page?

You can customize your Preferences Page to display your brand colors or choose from our two beautiful dark or light minimal themes under the 'Style' menu.

Did someone on your email list accidentally unsubscribe?

If a subscriber on your list has accidentally unsubscribed or they have changed their mind and want to rejoin your list, let them know to go to the footer of any of your emails and click on the 'Manage preferences' link.

This will bring them to their unique Preferences Page where they can resubscribe to your email list.

Note: if someone unsubscribed, you can't re-upload them via a CSV file or add them back manually as an Active subscriber. They need to sign up again via one of your opt-in forms or click the 'Manage preferences' link in one of your emails and resubscribe there.

Let's sum it up!

When subscribers click the 'Manage Preferences' link in your email footer, they will be redirected to the Preferences Page which helps you to personalize content or email frequency throughout your subscriber relationship.

On the Preferences Page, your subscribers can opt-in or opt out of content instead of unsubscribing from your entire list.

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