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How to set up multiple lead magnet workflows with one welcome sequence
How to set up multiple lead magnet workflows with one welcome sequence

A detailed guide on how to create workflows for multiple lead magnets and deliver your welcome sequence once.

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Do you have more than one lead magnet or freebie that your subscribers can sign up to receive?

You might be wondering how you can build workflows to deliver all of your lead magnets while making sure your subscribers only receive your welcome sequence or nurture sequence one time.

If you’re thinking, “How can I do that?”

Keep reading because this tutorial is for you.

Getting started

Here’s what you’ll need in order to set everything up:

  • One segment for each of your lead magnets

  • One segment for your welcome sequence (In this example, we named this segment “Welcome Sequence.”)

Note: We strongly recommend one segment per form you create.

  • One workflow for each lead magnet

  • Plus one workflow for your welcome sequence

Putting it all together

Each of your lead magnet workflows will deliver your lead magnet email only. Your welcome sequence emails will go in another workflow.

Step 2: Add a trigger segment, which will be the same as your form’s opt-in segment.

Step 3: Design your lead magnet delivery email and customize your subject line, preview text, and from address.

Step 4: Add a time delay (at least one day) after the lead magnet email. This will prevent your subscribers from receiving the first email in your Welcome Sequence workflow immediately after the last email in your lead magnet delivery workflow.

Step 5: Add an action step that will “Add subscribers to segment”.

Step 6. Select the Welcome Sequence segment that you created.

Step 7. Publish your workflow.

Step 8. Repeat these steps for all of your lead magnet workflows.

Important to note: Adding a welcome email at the end of every lead magnet workflow means that the subscriber will receive that welcome email after every lead magnet they opt-in to receive.

Now that you have all of your lead magnet workflows published, it’s time to build your welcome sequence.

Did you know that Flodesk has a four-part welcome sequence template that you can use? Just select 'Welcome Sequence' from the list of workflow templates.

Make sure that your trigger segment is the welcome sequence segment that you created.

The trigger at the beginning of each workflow is very specific to start when someone new is added to that segment. So any email address that was ever associated with that segment, even if it gets removed and added to the segment again, is now prevented from going through the workflow for a second time.

This way, your subscribers can opt-in for all of your lead magnets and freebies, but only receive your welcome sequence once.

Let’s sum it up!

  • Each lead magnet will have its own segment, form, and workflow

  • Create another segment and call it 'Welcome Sequence'

  • Add a time delay and action at the end of every lead magnet workflow to add subscribers to the 'Welcome Sequence' segment

  • This will trigger the welcome sequence workflow for subscribers once

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