Why is a mailing address required on my emails?

A complete, valid mailing address where you are able to receive business mail is required on all commercial email communications in order to comply with anti-spam regulations such as the US CAN Spam Act.

This is a legal requirement for all commercial email communications.

My business doesn’t have a physical location, do I still need to include an address?

Yes. All businesses, even virtual businesses without physical locations, need to include a mailing address in their emails in order to comply with anti-spam laws.

I don’t have a dedicated business address. What options do I have?

You certainly don’t have to use your home address on your emails. The most common solution we recommend is to rent a PO Box or Virtual Business Address.

While a PO Box is the classic option, you may find that a Virtual Office service that provides you with a business address is a more flexible option. Pricing can depend on your region, so be sure to do your research and choose the service you feel is the best fit for your business.

What happens if I don’t add a mailing address to my emails?

When you don’t include a physical mailing address in your emails, this can be a red flag to your subscribers’ email provider that your email may not be trustworthy. This can cause your emails to be blocked, which results in bounced emails and spam complaints.

What happens if I use a fake address?

While a fun address at the bottom of your emails, like “123 Smile Street” may seem like a fun touch- keep in mind that email providers can scan for invalid addresses. Using a fake address can also result in your emails being blocked.

Let’s sum it up!

Your complete, valid, mailing address is required on all emails sent from Flodesk in order to comply with anti-spam regulations.

A missing or invalid address can make the difference between your email landing in the inbox or being blocked as suspicious.

PO Boxes and Virtual Address services offer flexible alternatives for businesses without a physical location.

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