Flodesk was created to help you easily design visual campaigns that convert and look amazing on any device. Our patent-pending technology lets you customize your design on a whole new level with custom fonts and layouts, no HTML required.

Because our priority is to help you make beautiful emails people love to get, we’re constantly improving our platform with new features to better serve your email marketing needs. This includes continually optimizing our technology to ensure high deliverability, reliability and conversion.

While you may want to add some custom HTML code into your emails, we can’t ensure how it would interact with our technology. Your emails may show up differently across devices, potentially compromising how people would receive, see and interact with them. (And what good is a pretty email if no one sees or clicks on it?)

To make sure you—and your subscribers—are getting the most out of every Flodesk email, we don’t allow custom HTML code to be embedded.

So while you can’t embed HTML code, you can do a whole lot of other fun stuff, like:

Let’s sum it up:

  • Custom HTML code may negatively affect how Flodesk emails are displayed.

  • Since our priority is to help you make beautiful emails that convert, we don’t allow custom HTML code to be embedded.

  • Our proprietary layout blocks and custom fonts give you the freedom to create emails like you’ve never seen before—no HTML code required!

We can’t wait to see what you send next!

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