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Set your account name, Flodesk handle, timezone and password
Set your account name, Flodesk handle, timezone and password

A quick guide of how to add your account name, Flodesk handle, set your timezone, and change your password

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When you log into your Flodesk account take some time to review and fill in your account details. You only need to do this once and you're all set.
It won't take more than a minute. I promise!

What are these account details?

Your name and your timezone

Why are they important?

  • Whenever you contact us for assistance, we need your name and Flodesk account login email address so that we can find your account quickly in our database. 

  • And setting your local timezone comes in handy when you schedule your email newsletters in advance. 

How to access your Account details

Step 1. Click on your avatar on the top right of your screen 

Step 2. Select Overview

The next screen shows your Account details page and will look similar to the image below. 

Step 3. Fill in your own Full name.

Note: The email address shown here is the email address you used when you signed up to Flodesk. It's greyed out. If you want to change this email address that you use to log in to your Flodesk account, click on the pencil icon next to it.

Step 4. Customize your Flodesk handle. This will be the subdomain for all your published links. Learn more about this feature here.

Step 5. Select your Timezone from the dropdown list. Your email send times, account data, and analytics information will be displayed in the timezone you select below.

And voila—your account details are set 🙌🏻

But before I let you go, for now, let's talk a few words about passwords.

If you signed up to Flodesk just recently, you may not want to change your password yet. Should you want to set a new password for your Flodesk account, later on, you can do that here under your account Overview page > Change password section by following these steps:

  • Type in your current password

  • Set a new password

  • Re-type the new password

If you’ve forgotten your account password, you can reset it as follows:

  1. Log out of Flodesk

  2. Click the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the page

  3. Enter your Flodesk account login email address and select ‘Get code

We will email you a reset code to your email address, and then you can set a new password for your account.


To set your account name and timezone, grab your Flodesk handle (subdomain) or to change your password, click on your avatar and select the Overview menu. You will find all the details here.

More to learn:

If you couldn't find a solution for your issue in the Help center, please send us a note to support[at] mentioning your Flodesk account login email with a detailed description of your problem.

Do you have an idea for a feature that will help improve Flodesk for you and other members? Our Product team would love to hear from you.

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