Do you have a lot of subscribers with email addresses?
Do you see strange stats showing subscribers not opening your email but clicking on the download links in it?

It's no magic—just good old Gmail may be clipping your emails! ✂️

Gmail automatically clips emails that are larger than 102kb. Your subscribers will see a ‘View entire message’ link where the clipping occurs. And they need to click this message to see the full content of the email.

That is something Flodesk can't control and happens in any email marketing platform if you have a lot of content with styles applied.

Note: Clipping will "clip" your reported open rates by 50% or more, because even if a subscriber opens the email, Gmail will not count it as opened unless they click the 'View entire message' link.

Learn more about email open rates and click rates here.

How do I know whether my email gets clipped?

The surest way to find out if your email gets clipped is to test it. As simple as that.

Step 1. Click the paper plane icon in the top-left corner of the email builder.

Step 2. Add a Subject line and under Recipients specify a Gmail address that you have access to.

Step 3. Send the test email and check your email in your Gmail account.

And if your email got clipped, don't despair. Let's look at some tips that can help you next time.

How to avoid clipping in Gmail?

If you cover a lot of different topics in your email, try breaking it up into several smaller emails. Dedicate one email to one, maximum to two topics. Additionally, you can add links to your email and direct your subscribers to your website or blog, where they could read more about your offer.

Try writing your email content directly in Flodesk instead of copy-pasting it from other apps. Word processing programs and note taking apps often have underlying styles applied to your text that may get copied over to your email increasing its final size. If you apply a lot of styles (bold, underline, italics), use several different fonts, or text font colors, that all adds up in the final HTML size of the email.

And what about images?
Should I avoid them in my emails?

The funny thing about clipping is that it has nothing to do with image size. The images are all hosted on Flodesk, so when Gmail displays your images it calls them from our server. Feel free to use a healthy ratio of images and text in your emails!

Let's sum it up

What to do if your email gets clipped in Gmail?
If your email is bigger than 102kb than Gmail will clip your message. This isn't something that Flodesk can control.

Before scheduling your next email campaign, send a test message to a address to test if clipping happens, and use the above listed tips to reduce your email's HTML size to avoid clipping next time. 

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