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How do I get started with a freebie opt-in offer on Flodesk?
How do I get started with a freebie opt-in offer on Flodesk?
Written by Rebecca Shostak
Updated over a week ago

Freebie opt-in offers (aka lead magnets) are a great way to build your email list. All you have to do is give your audience a lil’ digital somethin’ in exchange for their email address.

You can offer a template, a mini-guide, a recipe—basically anything that provides value to your ideal customer and gives them a juicy preview of what it’s like to work with you.

Here’s how it works:

  • You offer something irresistible and share about it wherever your audience hangs out, like on your website, in Facebook groups or on your Instagram.

  • They type in their email in your Flodesk form and voila!

  • They get a handy dandy printable (or whatever awesomeness you’re offering) delivered to their inbox and you get a new email subscriber.

  • Start sending them your beautiful Flodesk emails and watch your subscribers eventually turn into buying customers!

And the best part? We made this entire process easier than ever so you can be your brand’s Chief Email Officer in no time.

Here are the four steps you’ll need to take to offer your freebie through Flodesk.

Step 1. Set up a form

This is where people sign up for your freebie. Forms can be embedded on your website, blog, landing page or any other place on the web that allows you to embed custom HTML code.

Don’t have a website yet? No problemo. You can also publish a form directly to the web as a landing page—just copy and paste the link and share it wherever you want (like your Linktree).

Either way, your form will collect subscribers' data and move the subscribers into your Flodesk account, organized by segments. (More on segments in the next section.)

Think of forms as the universal connector between the world wide web and your Flodesk account.

To get started with setting up a form:

Step 2. Choose a segment

When you create your form, you'll want to indicate which segment to add new subscribers to. You can create a new segment or add them to an existing one.

Of course, everyone who subscribes to any of your forms is added to your total subscribers list, but segments allow you to get a little more specific about who this person is and/or where they came from. Knowing exactly how someone joined your list allows you to send them the emails they care about most.

For example, let's say you put a form on your website so new subscribers can opt in to receive your free guide "Top 10 Business Tips." When you create your form, you'll want to indicate that these new subscribers get added to your "Top 10 Business Tips Opt-in" segment.

These new subscribers are a part of your total subscribers list, but they're also part of your "Top 10 Business Tips Opt-in" segment. This allows you to automatically deliver your "Top 10 Tips" email, and even automate a workflow a few days later to send a hyper-relevant, hyper-personalized email that says "Hi [name]! Because you downloaded my Top 10 Business Tips, I thought you'd like my Entrepreneurship 101 Guide, too."

So that's how subscribers get added to segments automatically when they submit a form. But you can also import subscribers into a segment manually via a CSV upload.

Ready to recap? (You're basically a segments pro by now.)

  • A segment is a way to organize your subscribers by the way they joined your list.

  • A good best practice is to name your segment by what your form is offering or where you met the people you’re manually uploading to your list. Have a newsletter opt-in form on your website? Those subscribers should be added to a “Newsletter opt-in” segment.

  • A workflow is triggered when a subscriber is added into a segment that you specify (more on this in the Workflows section below).

3. Create an email

After your dreamy new subscriber fills out the form and gets added to your “Top 10 Business Tips Opt-in” segment (or whatever you want to call it) in your Flodesk account, the next step is to send them an automated email that contains your lead magnet. You can attach a PDF file directly to your email or link to an external file via URL.

Before you can automate it using a workflow (more on that in the next section), you’ll need to create the email.

4. Create a Workflow

This is where you put it all together! It’s the magic that automatically sends your freebie email to your new subscriber.

Remember when we talked about how a form adds a subscriber into a specific segment?

You'll want to set your Workflow to begin when your subscribers come in through a form or a manual upload into the segment you created. This will be your Workflow trigger.

Once you've set up your Workflow trigger (that is, when someone submits your form or when you manually upload them into a segment), you can now add the email you created in the previous step to immediately send as soon as someone comes in through your form.

Note: while you can create unlimited opt-in forms on our free plan, if you’d like to set up a freebie delivery workflow as described above, you need to upgrade to the paid Email or Everything bundle—which include unlimited emails and workflows.

To upgrade your plan, go to Account setting > Plan + billing and click the Choose your plan button.

Let’s sum it up:

Now you see how these four components work together to create a beautifully automated system!

  1. A subscriber opts into your form

  2. This form moves the subscriber into a segment in Flodesk

  3. The action of the subscriber being added to the segment triggers a workflow

  4. Your workflow sends the freebie offer email immediately, and then consecutive emails after that (if that’s how you set it up)

You'll need these four components set up correctly in Flodesk to have a complete system—and start growing your list!

More to learn:

If you need technical assistance, please submit a support ticket via email at support[@] mentioning your Flodesk account login email with a detailed description of your problem.

Do you have an idea for a feature that will help improve Flodesk for you and other members? Our Product team would love to hear from you.

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