This is a great question, and we're so excited to make this process easier than ever for you. There are a few things you need to understand about how our automated systems work before you get started. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be a brilliant email marketer in no time!

There are four components that go into creating a full subscriber opt-in system:

  1. Emails. The purpose of your email can be many things. With your email you can do this (and so much more!):
  • Deliver a freebie to subscribers by attaching a PDF file directly to your email or linking to an external file via URL
  • Keep subscribers up to date with what's going on in your neck of the woods
  • Offer subscribers a discount code or coupon if you're selling a product or service
  • Giving your subscribers some interesting information or education
  • Prompting your subscribers to go to a new blog post, social media link, or your website
  • Anything else you can think of that provides interest or value to your subscribers
  • Learn how to create a beautiful, branded email here

2. Segments. Think of your entire list of subscribers as a big pie. Segments allow you to organize your list into different pie slices. If you'd like to read more about segments and why they're important, you can do so here. But segments play a part in your email automation system in the following ways:

  • A segment is where subscribers live after they opt in through a form
  • You can also import subscribers into a segment manually
  • A workflow is triggered when a subscriber is added into a segment that you specify (we'll get into this more in Workflows below)
  • Learn more about segments here

3. Forms. Think of forms as the universal connector between the world wide web and your Flodesk account. Forms can be embedded on your website or published directly to the web as a landing page and shared across platforms. Either way, your form will collect subscribers' data and move the subscribers into a segment in Flodesk. With Flodesk forms you can:

4. Workflows. This is where you put it all together! Your Workflow will be triggered when a subscriber is moved into a specific segment. Remember how we talked about how a form moves a subscriber into a segment? You'll want to set your Workflow to begin when your subscribers come in through a form or a manual upload into the segment you created. Once you've set up your Workflow trigger, you can now add emails, time delays and conditions to your workflow so you're delivering that freebie opt-in email as soon as someone comes in through your form. Here's what you can do with your workflow:

  • Set your workflow to begin with a subscriber comes into the segment you specify
  • Add an email with the link to the freebie PDF to your workflow directly after the trigger so that it sends immediately
  • Add a time delay and more emails / conditions based on subscriber actions taken with those emails as fits your strategy
  • Watch a tutorial on how to set up your workflow to deliver a freebie offer here

Now you see how these four components work together to create a beautifully automated system! A subscriber opts into your form on the world wide web → this form moves the subscriber into a segment in Flodesk → the action of the subscriber being added to the segment triggers a workflow → your workflow sends the freebie offer email immediately and then consecutive emails after that. You'll need these four components set up correctly in Flodesk to have a complete system.

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