Authenticating your domain is super easy—it takes a few minutes, and it will increase your deliverability and sender reputation. 

Before getting started 👉 You should have access to your DNS settings (domain management in your domain provider’s zone editor or cPanel).

We recommend that you have two windows or tabs open so you can easily go back and forth between your domain provider DNS management page and your Flodesk domain authentication page.

Step 1.
Flodesk tab: go to your Account > Domain setup.

Step 2.
Your domain registrar tab: login to your domain registrar account and navigate to your DNS records management page. You will be adding three CNAME records.

Here are step by step articles on how to add DNS records in the most common domain registrars:

If you don’t know who your domain provider is, a good tip is to search your inbox for your domain registration and see who the email is coming from.

Step 3.
Flodesk tab: continue through the domain set up guide until you see the three records that you'll need to add in your DNS management zone.

Step 4.
Your domain registrar tab: create a new CNAME record in your domain provider DNS management zone.

Step 5.

  • Copy your first Flodesk host record. Then go to your domain registrar tab and paste it into your DNS "host" or "name" field.
  • Copy your first Flodesk value record. Then go to your domain registrar tab and paste it into your DNS "value" or "target" field.

Step 6.
Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for all three records in your Flodesk account.

Step 7.
The magic is happening! You’ve done the hard work and your domain is now in the process of being authenticated! 

You should now see the yellow Pending status label at the top of your domain set up card.

Wait 48-72 hours and come back to check if your domain has been successfully authenticated. The top of your domain set up card should now display the Authenticated green label.

Troubleshooting: if you're instead seeing the Not Authenticated red label below, this means your records weren't entered correctly.

Here's what to do if your authentication failed:

  1. Make sure you added CNAME type records to your DNS management zone in your domain registrar site.
  2. Make sure your CNAME DNS records are in the right order (host first, value second).
  3. Verify that the records exactly match those displayed in your Flodesk domain set up guide.
  4. Verify that you added all three required CNAME records

If you have gone through all of these steps and are still having trouble, please get in touch with your domain registrar provider. In rare cases they might require special approval or add-ons to enable you to modify your DNS settings. 

As always, you can also reach out to us if you need further support or have any questions.

Please note: DKIM verification is only available for custom domain email addresses, such as You will not be able to verify an email address with a public provider like,,,,, etc. We highly recommend using a custom domain if you'd like to send out a lot of emails because a DKIM verified custom domain will give you much greater deliverability, open, and click rates, as well as keep you out of the spam box!

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