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Does Flodesk have a Public Roadmap?
Does Flodesk have a Public Roadmap?
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Yes, Flodesk has a public roadmap accessible here:

The product team reviews all submitted feature requests and integration requests on a regular basis to define the product roadmap.

On the public roadmap dashboard youโ€™ll see what's

  • Planned ๐Ÿ”ฎ: these are items we've identified as features we want to release at some point this year

  • Up next ๐Ÿ—“: these are the projects that are in the research/design/spec process and should be released in the next ~3 months

  • In development ๐Ÿ› : these are features currently in development and scheduled to be released soon

  • Recently shipped ๐Ÿš€: these are features already available in your Flodesk account

To learn more about a specific feature, click on the featureโ€™s card. You can also upvote a feature that you like or comment on a feature to follow its progress.


Flodesk has a public roadmap that you can review here:

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