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How to add existing subscribers to a workflow
How to add existing subscribers to a workflow
A step-by-step guide on getting existing subscribers started on a new workflow
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"I created a segment to be used with a particular workflow / nurturing campaign. How do I trigger it it start considering they are already in the segment / list?"

A subscriber starts going through a published workflow when they enter its trigger segment.

But what if you already have subscribers in that segment before you create your workflow?

The bad news is they won’t start receiving the workflow emails automatically.

The good news is there’s a solution. 🙌

If you want to add existing subscribers to a workflow, here's what you need to do:

1. Create a new segment and leave it blank
Go to your Audience > Segments dashboard and click on + New segment.
Give this segment a name and don’t add any subscriber email addresses to it just yet.
In our example, we named this segment “New segment".

2. Pause your workflow
In your workflows dashboard, hover over the workflow’s card, click the three dots (...) in the upper right corner and toggle off the Publish button. This will pause the workflow so you can edit it.

3. Add this new segment as the trigger segment in your workflow

4. Publish the workflow again
Important: make sure you publish the workflow before completing the last step (step 5) below.
To publish a workflow, click on the Publish link in the upper right corner.

Next, click on the Publish now button.

5. Select your subscribers in bulk and add them to this new segment

What happens?

These subscribers will be recognized as new to the trigger segment and will enter the workflow.

Let’s sum it up!

If you already have subscribers in a segment you use for a workflow’s trigger, they can’t automatically start in the workflow.

To add your existing subscribers to a workflow, create and add a new trigger segment to the workflow, and after re-publishing it, add your existing subscribers to the new trigger segment in bulk.

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