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How to remove a subscriber from a segment
How to remove a subscriber from a segment

A detailed guide on how to remove subscribers from a segment manually or via a workflow

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One of the perks at Flodesk is that you can organize your subscribers any way you want—you get unlimited segments to group them based on their interests, how they interact with your content or how often they want to hear from you.

From time to time, however, you may want to remove your subscribers from a segment. In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that.

Remove a subscriber manually from a specific segment

You can manually remove a subscriber from a specific segment as follows.

Step 1. Go to your Audience dashboard and search for the subscriber’s email address.

Step 2. Click on their email address to view their details.

Step 3. Go to the “Segments & data” view and you'll see a list of segments that the subscriber is in.

Note: you may need to click on the “Show all” link at the bottom to see all the segments.

Step 4. Click the "X" on the segment’s card you'd like to remove them from and that'll do the trick!

Remove subscribers from a segment via a workflow

We don’t have a single feature yet to remove subscribers in bulk, but you can create a workflow that will automatically remove subscribers from a segment if they're in another segment.

Here’s how.

In the following example, we want to remove subscribers in bulk from a segment called “Segment A”.

Step 1. Go to your Audience > Segments dashboard and create a +New segment.

You can name this segment something like “Remove Subscribers from” or similar.

Note: The only purpose of this segment is to trigger your workflow. Make sure to leave this segment empty and don’t add any email addresses to it yet.

In this example, we named the segment “Remove from Segment”.

Step 2. Go to your Workflows dashboard and click on create a +New workflow

Step 3. Set the new segment you created above as the Trigger segment.

Make sure this segment is still blank and has no subscriber email addresses in it.

Step 4. Next, add a Condition step.

Set the Condition to "If a Subscriber is in segment(s)" and choose the actual segment label you want the subscribers to be removed from.

In this example, we want subscribers to be removed in bulk from the segment called “Segment A”.

Step 5. Next, add an Action step under the YES branch of the Condition.

Set the Action Step to "Remove subscribers from segment" and set the segment to the same segment as above.

In our example, it’s the segment called “Segment A”.

This is what the workflow will look like:

Step 6. Publish the workflow.

Step 7. Once the workflow is published, go to your Audience > Segments dashboard and click on the segment’s card you want subscribers to be removed from.

In our example, it’s the segment called “Segment A”.

Use the bulk selection feature to select the subscribers in this segment and then add them in bulk to the workflow’s trigger segment. In our case, it was the one called “Remove from Segment”.

What will happen?

When they are added to the workflow’s trigger segment, the workflow condition will check if they are in the segment you specified and if yes, they will be removed from that segment.

Allow your subscribers to remove themselves from a segment

You can also let your subscribers manage their content or email frequency preferences by setting up the Subscriber Preferences page.

This way, they can opt-out—remove themselves—from certain segments by clicking the “manage preferences” link in your email footer.

Important: if a subscriber is removed from a segment, that doesn’t remove them from a workflow if they are active in that workflow.

To stop them from continuing in the workflow, you have to remove them from the workflow itself as explained here: How do I add or remove a subscriber from a workflow?

Let’s sum it up

You can remove subscribers manually from a segment or with the help of a dedicated workflow.

Also, by enabling and customizing the Subscriber Preferences page, you can allow your subscribers to opt-out (remove themselves) from certain segments without unsubscribing from your entire list.

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