You've been busy collecting subscribers and growing your list over the years. Without you even noticing it, the occasional lousy email address may make its way onto your list. Sending emails to them could harm your reputation because of hard bounces or spam complaints.

That's where email list cleaning comes into the picture.

What is email list cleaning?

Email list cleaning is a process that checks and detects bad email addresses in the CSV file that you upload and cleans them up.

Bad email addresses include outdated, misspelled or invalid email addresses, among other things.

What are the benefits of using email list cleaning services?

Cleaning your email list improves your sender reputation and deliverability; reduces your bounce rates; and prevents spam signups.

Email scrubbing is typically a paid service and the cost depends on the size of the email list that you want to be checked and have cleaned.

But here at Flodesk, email list cleaning is free for all Flodesk members. 🙌🏻

How does Flodesk clean your uploaded CSV file?

When you upload your CSV file to Flodesk, our real-time Email Validation API verifies your email addresses through a variety of methods, such as syntax validation, inbox availability, spam trap detection, role email detection and more.

Once your CSV is processed after the upload, you'll get a notification email from us. This will inform you on how many subscriber email addresses have been successfully added and how many, if any, have been caught and filtered out by our Email Validation API.

The result is a fresh and clean email list that you can start nurturing right away.

Let's sum it up!

When you upload a new CSV file to Flodesk, we automatically check your list and filter out bad email addresses. Unlike elsewhere, this email list cleaning service is free for all Flodesk members.

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