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Some frequently asked questions about how folders work in Flodesk

Written by Rebecca Shostak
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Folders are a powerful tool to keep your content organized within your Flodesk account. Here are a few answers to the questions we get asked most about folders.

Q: Can a specific email, form, or workflow exist in multiple folders at the same time?

A: No. To keep things clear and organized, you can only have one piece of content (such as a specific email, form, or workflow) in one folder at any given time. The Flodesk folder system works much like files on your computer—a file can only be in one folder at any given time.

Q: Can I have different types of content in a folder?

A: No. To keep things clear and organized, you can only have one type of content (Email, Form, or Workflow) in a given folder. The Emails area of the platform will allow you to folder your emails, the Forms area will allow you to folder your forms, and so on.

Q: Will there still be a way to see all the Emails, Forms, or Workflows I've created in one place?

A: Yes. The Emails / Forms / Workflows main listing pages list all content you've created, regardless of whether they've been placed in a folder. Think of them the way the Subscribers and Segments areas work: under Subscribers, you can see all subscribers in your account, and under Segments, you can see them organized into segments. Similarly, you can see all "loose" Emails, Forms, and Workflows in one tab, and you can see them organized in the Folder view.

Q: Does deleting a folder delete the content inside of it?

A: No. Deleting a folder does not delete its contents. If you delete a folder, you'll get a warning popup letting you know that deleting the folder will only delete the folder itself, not the contents within it.

Q: If I create content from inside a folder, will the new content live in that folder?

A: Yes. If you create content from inside a folder, the content will live in that folder unless you move it. You're able to create a new Email, Form, or Workflow from an empty folder—just know that your creation will reside in that folder (as well as show up as the most recently created item on the main listing page).

Q: Can I have a folder inside of a folder?

A: No. To keep things as clear, clean, and organized as possible, Flodesk has a single "layer" of organization. That is to say—you can't have folders within folders.

Q: If I archive an email inside a folder, how can I access it?

A: Archiving an email, inside a folder works the same way as archiving it in the main Emails listing page. To view an archived email, you can either select the Status dropdown inside the folder > Archived or navigate to the main Emails listing page > select the Status dropdown > Archived. You'll be able to see archived emails either way, but remember, the main listing page will show all archived loose or foldered emails, but inside the folder you'll only be able to see archived emails that exist inside the folder.

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