Did you change your business name, and moved to a new domain? Or do you simply want to use another email address for your Flodesk account?

Good news! You can do it now in Flodesk in under 30 seconds!

How do I change my account email address?

Step 1. Head to your Account area > Overview section.

Step 2. Click on the pencil icon next to your current account email address.

Step 3. Enter the new email address you'd like to use for your account and follow the steps to enter your password to confirm the change. And that's it!

Note: If you have multiple Flodesk accounts, you cannot change one account's email address to an email used to sign up for another Flodesk account.

Let's sum it up!

How to change your Flodesk account email address?

You can change your account's email address by navigating to Account > Overview and clicking the pencil icon next to your account's email address.

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