Can you natively add bullet points and numbered lists to your text while composing an email? The answer is short and sweet: yes.

Bullets and numbers are a great way to format your text into a visually appealing, highly organized list. They are available in both Text blocks and Layout blocks.

Adding bullet points & lists in a Text block

Step 1. Highlight the portion of your paragraph that you want to convert into bullet points or numbered lists.

Step 2. On the quick formatting pop-up panel, select either the numbered list or the bullet list option. The selected paragraph will be converted to a list format of your choice. Simply hit enter to add more lines as needed.

Adding bullet points & numbered lists in a Layout block

Layout blocks are Flodesk's unique and proprietary combination of images and text. While not all Layout block designs would benefit from a long section of text (and we actually recommend keeping them as short as possible), you still do have the option to convert your text to a bulleted list here as well.

Step 1. Highlight the desired text inside the Layout block.

Step 2. From the quick formatting pop-up panel, choose either the numbered list or the bullet list option. The text will transform into the list of your choosing.

If you want to remove formatting quickly from either a Text block or Layout block, simply highlight the paragraph or section that is currently in a list format and turn off the bullet list or numbered list formatting in the pop-up editor.

Let's sum it up!

You can add bullet points to both Text and Layout blocks easily with the quick formatting pop-up panel.

Simply highlight text and select the bullet list or numbered list option.

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