Do you like working on the go? Just grabbing your iPad and quickly taking some notes here, and making a few edits there to your email campaign?

When working on smaller screens, you probably have seen a warning message like the one shown below:

"Your experience is everything to us. Flodesk editing is best enjoyed in bigger screens. To continue editing your form/email, please sign in on a desktop."

Does it mean that you can't work in Flodesk from your iPad?

Nope! You can use Flodesk on the iPadOS in the Safari browser.

Apple changed Safari to register as a desktop browser for iPads when they released iPadOS last fall. So, the site thinks you are on a computer, not an iPad.

Chrome and other browsers still default to the mobile version on iPads.

Also, for the best experience, make sure to keep your browsers and your OS updated.

Note: Following the iOS 15.7 update, you may not be able to access the Request Desktop Website option.

To use Flodesk with earlier iPadOS versions or in Chrome:

  • Open Flodesk in your browser.

  • Click the little aA’s as shown in the below screenshot.

  • Click on Request Desktop Website. And that's it!

Note: If you click on aA > Website settings, you can also check if the “Request Desktop Website” option is toggled on.

Let's sum it up!

You can work in Flodesk on the new iPadOS in the Safari browser. For older versions or other browsers, you need to request first the desktop website option.

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