GIFs are an excellent way to add a little oomph to your email newsletters. Compared to static images, animated GIFs can help you tell a story more interactively and engagingly.

So, can you add GIFs into your Flodesk email?
Yes, you can 🙌🏻

We even have some examples in our email templates!

How to add animated GIFs to your Flodesk email

GIFs are image files just like .png or .jpeg images, and you can upload them to Image blocks in your email.

Step 1. Save the GIF image to your computer as .gif file

Step 2. Hover over an element in your Flodesk email and click on the plus (+) sign

Step 3. Add an Image block to your email

Step 4. Upload the GIF image from your computer to the Image block on the right sidebar. And you're done!

Note: the GIF animation won't show while you look at the email preview within Flodesk. Send yourself a test email with the paper plane icon to test how it renders in real life.

Also, you can't upload a GIF into a Layout block, because the whole Layout block renders as one single image in the final design.

One of our members Lindsay, created a short tutorial on how to easily make GIFs and pop them into your Flodesk email.

Let's sum it up!

To add a GIF to your email, you need to save the GIF to your computer as a .gif image file, and then you can upload it to your Flodesk email into an Image block.

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