You may have seen them in your own inbox from time to time. Emails with subject lines or phrases, like: 

I'd love to get your thoughts on this, Kate
Suzy—I wish more people asked me this
Your Next Steps, Mike

Even though you know they are probably sent to several other recipients as well, they feel more personal because they are addressing you directly by your first name.

You may be wondering how to do this in Flodesk. How can you add a personal touch to your own email campaigns.

First of all you need to have this kind of information available in your subscriber list. For example if you want to add your subscribers’ first name you need to ask for it when they sign up. This simply means that you need to turn on the first name field on your form under the Fields menu. Learn more about how to create and customize an opt-in form here.

Now let’s look at how to pull in personalized data to your emails.

How to add the subscriber’s name to the email body

Step 1. Add a Text block to your email.

Note: You cannot add personalization fields like subscribers’ names to Layouts. That’s because Layouts are converted to images once you finished editing your email. And images cannot read the underlying HTML codes and scripts. Such personalization fields only work in plain text copy areas.

Step 2. Click with your cursor to the exact place in your Text block where you want to add the personalization field—like the subscriber's first name for a personalized greeting.

Step 3. Click on the Fields tab on the right, and then select the required personalization field. In this case it's the subscriber’s first name.

Note: if you forgot to collect your subscriber’s first name but you still want to add something personal, fill out the Enter fallback value field.

You can add here values like friend, gorgeous, fellow small biz owner… Choose a phrase that suits your brand's communication style.

As you type in your fall back value, you can see in the Preview area how it will be displayed in the email.

Step 4. Click the Insert field button and the personalization code will appear in your email’s text block. 

It will look similar to the image below. But don't worry about how it looks. Once your email is sent out, it will show your subscriber’s name in the email—or the fallback phrase.

You can add a personalization field this way to anywhere in your email as long as it’s in a Text block.

Now let’s look at the subject fields.

How to add the subscriber’s first name to the email subject line

First you need to create the personalization code with your subscriber’s first name—just like we did above. Then you need to copy-paste this code to the email subject line area.

In this short video, Lindsay walks you through the exact steps how to personalize your email subject line in Flodesk  🙌. 


Let's sum it up

How can you add the subscriber’s name to your emails automatically?

You can personalize your email and subject lines by adding your subscriber's first name to it. You need to add the personalization field to a Text block in your email. It won't work in Layout blocks.

To add it to your subject line, first create the personalization text in your email body then copy-paste it to the subject line.

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