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Q: Can a subscriber go through a workflow more than once?

A: Yes and no! A subscriber cannot go through a workflow twice via automation. 

Let's take a look at the following scenario.

You have two opt-in forms for your two freebies: one is connected to Segment A and the other is connected to Segment B.

When someone subscribes to get one of your freebies,

  1. they are added to Segment A,

  2. this triggers a workflow that delivers the freebie in an email.

  3. They are then moved with an Action step to a new Segment (e.g. Welcome Sequence Segment).

When the same person signs up to your other freebie:

  1. They are added to Segment B,

  2. this triggers a workflow that delivers the other freebie in an email.

  3. They are moved with an Action step to a new Segment (e.g. Welcome Sequence Segment). 

Note: Flodesk recognizes that they have already entered the Welcome Sequence Segment, when they signed up for your first freebie and won't re-send them the workflow emails of your Welcome Sequence regardless of whether they've completed the workflow or are still active in it.

However, you may add a subscriber who has completed a workflow a second time to a workflow manually via the Add subscribers to workflow menu option. This will cause the subscriber to go through the workflow again, so be careful with this feature!

Q: I have an active workflow with some subscribers who have completed the workflow. If I add another step at the end of the workflow, will the completed subscribers receive the new steps?

A: No. Completed subscribers will not be added to any new steps added at the end of your workflow. 

Q: If I pause a workflow to edit and then re-publish, will the subscribers who entered the trigger segment(s) during the time the workflow was paused be added to the workflow?

A: Yes. Subscribers who enter the trigger segment(s) when a workflow is paused will be added to the workflow as soon as the workflow is re-published. 

Note: this only applies to workflows which were paused and re-published. Subscribers who enter a trigger segment while the workflow is in draft mode will not be added to the workflow once it is published.

Q: Can I add a subscriber into a specific step of my workflow?

A: No. You may add a subscriber manually to a workflow, but it will always begin at the first step of the workflow. We do not allow members to add subscribers in specific stages of their workflow because it can cause major logic errors, especially in complex workflows with conditions.

Q: Can I use an email design I created in a workflow as a one-off email or in another workflow?

A: Yes. your workflow emails are autosaved to your workflow but not to your My Emails area. 

If you'd like to save your workflow email creation for future use, click the heart icon in the top-left corner of the workflow email builder to save the email to your favorites. 

You will then be able to access it from the template library under the "My favorites" tab in both the My Emails > Create new flow and the workflow editor when you select the Create new email button in the Send Email workflow step.

Q: Does Flodesk autosave my workflow?

A: Yes. Your workflow edits are saved as you go. However, if you edit a workflow that was already published and then make changes, you must re-publish the workflow by clicking the "Publish" button in the top-right corner in order for it to resume.

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