Flodesk is the only email marketing platform to guarantee that your emails will render beautifully in every inbox with our wide selection of non-standard web fonts. We achieve this with our proprietary, patent-pending technology available in our Layout block. This also means we have to purchase the full commercial license for any font in our platform, as any font added to the font palette in the Layout block would be available to our entire member base.

As such, we currently do not support user-uploaded fonts. While we may offer this feature in the future, we encourage our members to choose from the wide variety of fonts currently offered within the platform.

We encourage members to match emails to their brand by:

  • Selecting a font that's similar to your brand font in the Layout block. We have over 100 styles to choose from (from clean and minimal sans-serifs to romantic scripts!)

  • Adding your brand colors into the color picker by going to My Account > Branding > Brand Colors and entering your exact hex codes into the five circles

  • Adding your logo to your email with our Logo block

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