Flodesk is the only email marketing platform to guarantee that your emails will render beautifully in every inbox with our wide selection of non-standard web fonts. We achieve this with our proprietary, patent-pending technology available in our Layout block.

We also recognize how important it is for you to show a consistent brand experience across your website, marketing emails and sales funnels built via Flodesk Checkout. And that this not only includes being able to use your brand colors, but also your custom brand fonts.

How to upload your brand fonts to your Flodesk account

You can add your custom brand fonts to Flodesk by going to My Account > Branding > Brand fonts, and clicking the +New font link.

Alternatively, you can find a Brand section at the top of the font panel across email layout blocks, forms, and checkouts.

On the next screen, you’ll see the Manage brand fonts panel. It will look similar to the below screenshot.

Click the + New font button to upload your first brand font. These fonts will be available in your font picker. You can access them while editing your email layout blocks, forms, and checkouts.

Click or drag your font files to the Upload font box.

We support the following font file types for upload: OTF, TTF and WOFF.

Also, you can upload as many font files as you want to your brand font library.

During the file upload process you’ll be required to confirm that you own the fonts/have rights to use them for your intended purpose before they will be added and available within your account.

Note: Once you’ve uploaded your font files, we will parse their metadata to capture the font title and weight. These fields will not be editable.

You can delete a brand font from your font library by clicking the trash bin icon next to the font. While existing designs won’t be affected, if you want to use this font again, you’ll need to re-upload it.

Variations of a single font (i.e. light, regular, bold) will be merged into a single name in the font panel of the editors. Available weights will appear in the drop-down similar to the below screenshot.

Also, see your 5 most recently used fonts at the top of your font picker drop-down panel to help you quickly find fonts you’ve recently used across your emails, forms and checkouts. Goodbye scroll, hello creative flow.

Let’s sum it up!

You can upload your brand fonts to Flodesk by going to Account settings > Branding > Brand fonts. Alternatively, you can find a Brand section at the top of the font panel across email layout blocks, forms, and checkouts.

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