The short answer:

Yes! Flodesk allows you to send emails from multiple sending addresses, so you're welcome to use Flodesk for multiple brands. You can add a second sending address by going to My account > Email setup and clicking the "Add new" button at the bottom:

You can use segments to manage multiple lists corresponding to different brands. Read more about how to segment your list here.

The longer answer:

We believe in simplicity over all else here at Flodesk! As such, we've set things up in your account to be as easy as possible to populate your brand materials into your emails and forms. Flodesk allows you to connect one set of these into your account at a time:

  • Your logo
  • Your Instagram feed
  • Your social media account links
  • Your brand colors

Basically, you're welcome to send out email from different sending addresses and different brands, but keep in mind that you'll have to swap out your logo, social links, and Instagram feed depending on the brand you're sending from.

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