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How do I share an opt-in form if I don't have a website?
How do I share an opt-in form if I don't have a website?

This quick guide will show you how to publish a Flodesk Full Page Form to the web.

Written by Rebecca Shostak
Updated over a week ago

If you don't have a website and/or don't want to deal with embedding code on a website, we encourage you to create a Full Page Form on Flodesk and publish it directly to the web. This means you can share your opt-in form just about anywhere, including social media and Linktree.

What’s covered:

  • Publishing your full-page form to the web without needing a website or code

  • Getting the public URL link for your form

  • Finding the form you’ve already created on your Forms dashboard

Please note: only Full Page Forms (and Link in bio forms) may be published to the web. If you'd like to embed a form on your website, you'll need to create an Inline Form or a Pop-Up Form.

Once you finished editing your full page form to your heart's desire, click the "Settings" button.

Decide if you want to turn on the Double opt-in form the form or be notified when subscribers opt in to this form. Also, you can edit and choose the segments connected to this form.

Under the Link tab, you can edit and customize the full-page form link by clicking the pencil icon. You can also set your Flodesk handle to point to this form.

On the Link preview tab you'll find the controls to change what people see when your Flodesk form link appears on social media, messengers, or search engines, including meta image, meta title and meta description.

After customizing your full-page form, click the Share button, and use the Copy button to grab your full-page form link.

Also, you can directly share your form to Facebook, X (Twitter), Pinterest, LinkedIn.

To locate the form link (URL) of an already existing full-page form:

  • Go to your Forms dashboard

  • Hover over the form's card

  • Click the three dots (...) menu

  • Select "Share page link"

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