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How is Flodesk different from other email platforms out there?
How is Flodesk different from other email platforms out there?

The features that can level up your email game

Written by Rebecca Shostak
Updated over a week ago

We believe in the power of email to help you build an engaged community of supporters, share your brand story—and turn subscribers into sales. But it only works if people actually care about what you have to say. One way to make sure they do? Send them beautiful emails that grab and hold their attention, from the second they open to the moment they click.

And that’s what Flodesk is all about. (Designing emails people love to get is kinda our thing.)

Here’s how we’re different from the other guys.

With Flodesk, you get:

Full creative control.

Our proprietary technology includes layout collages and custom fonts that are unlike anything you’ve seen in other platforms. It gives you the freedom to create beautiful, on-brand emails that make your message shine and your audience click for more. You’ll also be able to match your form and email designs to your brand on a whole new level.

An easier way to create and send email.

If you know when something looks good but need more than a blank template to get started, our unique templates and collage layouts were created just for you. They include just enough design so that you’re never starting from scratch (unless you want to) and can be quickly customized with a few clicks.

Or if you’re a design pro who wants to showcase your brand without getting eyebrows deep in HTML and CSS—we’ve got you covered. Our members say Flodesk is much more intuitive to navigate and use all-around.

High send stats.

We have a proven track record of exceptionally high sending statistics. Trusted by thousands of small businesses for their email marketing, we help you get your message in front of your audience faster than you can say deliverability. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our Flodesk Insiders Facebook group. You'll see members jumping for joy about their deliverability, open and click rates!

We've noticed many small business owners hesitate to build an email list for several reasons: they're just getting started, have budget constraints, are battling impostor syndrome, or are unsure if they can manage it. But, building a list is essential for building a successful business.

Offering free Link in bio forms is our way of changing this frequent narrative—ensuring that everyone, regardless of budget or expertise, has the essential tools to build a successful email list and, by extension, a thriving business.

Unlimited pricing structure.

What we’re here for—helping you build your community of fans. What we don’t believe in—penalizing our members for growing their list. Send as many emails to as many people as you want, create unlimited workflow automations and checkout pages—all for the same monthly price.

Ready to send emails people love to get? 🙌

Start your free month trial so you can use it, love it and see what it can do for your business!

If you need technical assistance, please submit a support ticket via email at mentioning your Flodesk account login email with a detailed description of your problem.

Do you have an idea for a feature that will help improve Flodesk for you and other members? Our Product team would love to hear from you.

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