Well, great question! You have an entire free month trial so you can use it, love it, and see what it can do for your business before committing! We always say it's best to see for yourself 🙌.

But in short:

• Our members say Flodesk is much more intuitive to navigate and use all-around

• We have a proprietary technology that gives you full creative freedom—including layout collages and custom fonts—like you've never seen in another platform before

• This creative freedom allows you to match your form designs and email designs to your brand on a whole new level

• We have exceptionally high sending statistics. If you check inside our Flodesk Insiders Facebook group, you'll see members jumping for joy about their deliverability, open, and click rates!

• We have an unlimited pricing structure. We don't believe in penalizing our members for growing their list

But really, we encourage you to take advantage of the free trial month to see if YOU love it. We want you to find the best platform that works for whatever stage your business is currently at!

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