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How to customize your Checkout links
How to customize your Checkout links

A step-by-step guide on how to edit your Checkout page URLs.

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Flodesk Checkout makes it easy to sell your digital products and services—whether you have a website or not. Simply customize one of our high-converting sales page templates and make it yours.

While Flodesk automatically assigns a unique random link to any checkout page you create, you can easily customize your checkout link (slug).

How to customize your Checkout links

Step 1. When working with a checkout page, click on the Setup button and navigate to the Advanced tab

Step 2. To edit your Checkout link, click the pencil icon and start typing your preferred custom page link (slug). Then save your changes.

How to edit the link of an existing Checkout

If you've already created a checkout page, do the following:

Step 1. Hover over the checkout’s card on your Checkouts dashboard and click the three dots (...) for the quick access menu

Step 2. Select the Customize link option

Step 3. On the next screen, you can edit your checkout link by clicking the pencil icon, editing the URL (slug) and saving your changes

And that’s it! You’ve successfully edited and customized your Checkout link.

How to set your Flodesk handle as your Checkout page link

You can set your Flodesk handle as the default URL to point to any of your Checkout page links.

To do that, simply use the toggle feature under the Customize link modal and turn on "Use Flodesk handle for this page".

This way, when you share your Flodesk handle it will direct visitors to your form URL

Will my old Checkout page links still work?

Your initial auto-generated Checkout page link with format ““ will always work.

However, you need to be mindful of the following: Once you claim your Flodesk handle and customize your Checkout links for the first time, those links will not work if you change them a second time. Here’s an example.

Say your current Checkout link is ““ and you edit your Flodesk handle and Checkout page link to create something like “”. The very first time, both links will work.

However, if later on you change your link from “” to “”, then the “” won’t work anymore and people visiting that link will get a 404 error message.

As a best practice, always check to make sure your new links are working before you share them with your audience. To do this, just copy and paste the link into an incognito browser.


Customizing your Checkout page link helps communicate what your link points to with crystal clarity.

To customize your Checkout page link, click on the Setup button and navigate to the Advanced tab. Then simply click the pencil icon, edit the URL, and save your changes.

Alternatively, click the three dots (…) to access the quick access menu on the checkout’s card and select Customize link.

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