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All about Link in bio Forms
All about Link in bio Forms

Learn what Link in bio Forms are, where to find them and how to customize them to your brand.

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What is a Link in bio Form?

Link in bio Forms are unique, standalone, shareable forms which enable you to own the audience you’re building on social media by capturing their email addresses for email marketing. This is essential for your business to protect the time you invest in social media by ensuring you’re not victim to the algorithm, a platform disappearing, or getting locked out of your account.

But beyond capturing subscriber email addresses, Link in bio Forms offer even more customization to create a social landing page showcasing your unique brand, including

  • Logo block

  • Preferences

  • Image block

  • Link list

  • Bio block

  • Social icons

Whether you want to start an email newsletter, offer a discount code for new subscribers or create a waitlist—with our Link in bio Form templates you have endless possibilities.

Where can I find Link in bio Forms?

Log into your Flodesk account and go to Forms > +New form. You will find Link in bio Form as a form type in the form template gallery.

How to customize Link in bio Forms

Pick a Link in bio Form template you like and click “Customize it.”

As the first step, choose a segment. Subscribers who opt-in to this form will automatically be added to the segment(s) you choose or create here.

Click on the background area outside of the form, and then on the right sidebar, under the Form tab, you can customize your Link in bio Form by toggling on—or toggling off—the main building blocks of the page.


You can either use the logo you’ve uploaded under your Account settings > Branding section by toggling on that option. Or you can upload a different image via the Upload image box.

Under the Logo block settings, you can manage your logo, adjust the width of the logo placeholder, choose the alignment and set a padding.

Heading and body copy

You can use the following sections as your opt-in form's heading and main body copy.

You have all the text editing options you’re already familiar with.

Form fields

Up next, you’ll find the form fields. Add more form fields if needed and edit them to match the rest of your opt-in form design. Also, if you have an international audience, you can customize your form to any language you like.


With Preferences, you can let your subscribers opt-in to different segments. This block comes with a heading that you can edit separately. You can toggle on/off this section by clicking on the background area and checking the Form tab.

To edit the preference options of your Link in bio Form, click on the options in the template and use the Edit option section on the right-side panel.

As you rename the options to reflect the content you’d like to offer your subscribers, remember to connect them to relevant segments. Otherwise, the data can’t be saved at the backend.

You can add up to six form preferences.

Check the Font and Style tabs to further customize your form preferences to your brand by selecting a matching font—you can even use your own brand fonts—font color or checkbox type and layout.

Opt-in form button

Your opt-in form needs a strong call-to-action and visually appealing button. Use the controls to select a button style and button font you like.

Before customizing your Link in bio Form page further, make sure to pick a message that gets displayed when someone submits your opt-in form to join your list.

Click on the page’s background area, and under the Message tab, you can choose one from the pre-written versions, or with the Custom option, write your own.


Use this space to add a branded image to your Link in bio Form—or even a fun GIF from Giphy.

Experiment with the different shapes to make this image stand out on your page.

You can toggle off this section if you don't want to add an image.

Link list

We get it. You may not only want to collect subscribers from your social media channels but let them know about additional content they might find valuable.

Use the link list to add and share your links—be it your website’s homepage, your appointment scheduler or a URL to additional freebies you offer.

You can add up to six links.

Style your links according to your needs by showing an image and description next to the link title.


The Bio is a great place to tell a bit about yourself or describe anything else with a few words.

It has a title and description section with all the usual text editing and styling options and also space for your signature!

Also, any of these 3 parts can be switched on/off under the Block settings.

Social icons

You can show your additional social media channels at the bottom of your Link in bio Form page. To manage and add social channels, go to Account settings > Branding.

Style your social icons by choosing a color and size matching your overall design.

And that’s it. Your form is ready to be published!

How to publish your Link in bio Form

Once you finish customizing your Link in bio Form to match your brand and needs, click Next at the top right corner.

Under the Customization steps, decide if you want to

  • enable double opt-in for your form

  • get notified when subscribers opt in to this form

  • display the success message you set or send them to a specific URL after form submission

Click Continue, and you’ll see the Share your form screen.

Let’s sum it up!

Flodesk Link in bio Forms is the ultimate tool that empowers you to capture and segment email addresses right from your social media profile. In an ever-changing social media landscape, Link in bio Forms ensure your audience is yours to keep, engage, and grow, irrespective of platform or algorithm changes.

Create your Link in bio Form by going to Forms > +New form or navigating directly to

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