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What is the Flodesk API?
What is the Flodesk API?
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If you're skilled in coding or working with a developer, you can easily connect Flodesk with your third-party apps and systems using our application-programming interface (API).

API is basically code that sends information between two systems and allows data to be automatically exchanged and updated at any given time.

What's great is that the new Flodesk API is available for all our members to integrate with directly, and it also allows other third-party tools to create integrations for joint customers.

With the Flodesk API, you can effortlessly sync and manage your subscribers across your connected systems and your Flodesk account. Check out the available requests and webhooks in the Flodesk API Documentation here.

Don't know how to code or have access to a developer? Use our integrations with Zapier or Pabbly Connect to automate your workflows.

Private integration

When you, a Flodesk member, integrate with the API for your own personal Flodesk account, you’ll be creating a Private Integration.

You need to create and utilize an API key in all requests you make to the API. The key validates your ownership of the Flodesk account you’re making calls to and receiving data from.

Where to find your Flodesk API key?

You can generate new API keys and manage existing ones under Account settings > Integrations > API Keys.

For a step-by-step guide on creating API keys in your Flodesk account, read About API Keys.

Partner integration

When a third party (like MediaVine/Zapier/Pabbly Connect etc.) creates pre-built automations for Flodesk members, we’ll refer to that as a Partner Integration.

This requires

  1. Oauth to validate your ownership of the Flodesk account you want to connect to the other tool. OAuth is an authentication protocol allowing you to approve one application interacting with another without giving away your password.

  2. the partner app to use a Client ID and Client Secret in all calls they make to the API. This validates their ability to act on behalf of the Flodesk account they’re making calls to and receiving data from. Access to build partner integrations must be manually requested from Flodesk by interested third party partners through the Partner Integration Request Form.

Flodesk API documentation for developers

You can find all the information regarding our API documentation here.

If you're a company that would like to build a partner integration with Flodesk's API, please complete this Partner Integration request form.

If you are a Flodesk member who would like to request a specific integration, please submit your integration request here.

Limited support

Our Member experience team is ready to assist with questions regarding Flodesk’s native integrations (Shopify, Instagram); however we don’t offer support for custom API setups or third-party integrations.

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