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Who are my most engaged subscribers?
Who are my most engaged subscribers?

How to find your clickiest subscribers

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Your email list naturally changes over time. Subscribers who were once your most enthused fans may not engage with your emails as often as they used to.

Knowing how to find your most engaged subscribers clicking your CTAs in your emails can help you send them special offers.

How to find your most engaged subscribers?

Step 1. Login to Flodesk, then click on Analytics > Subscribers.

Step 2. Scroll to the bottom of the subscribers analytics page, and locate the Performance by subscriber table.

Step 3. Click the column title Click rate to sort your subscribers based on this data set.

Subscribers who regularly click on links in your emails are considered highly engaged. They not only open your email but also take action to check out your offers.

What to do with your most engaged subscribers?

Now that you know who your cheerleaders are, consider adding them to a dedicated segment.

Step 1. Click on the Export data icon, and we’ll email you the CSV link.

Step 2. Open the CSV in a spreadsheet and sort the data by click rate from highest to lowest.

Step 3. Copy-paste subscribers with the highest click rates to a new spreadsheet and save it as a new CSV file.

Step 4. Create a new segment and upload the CSV to this new segment.

You’re all set.

You can now send targeted emails to your most engaged subscribers. Reward them with extra content. Or set up special offers just for them via Flodesk Checkout.

Let’s sum it up!

To find your top 10—or 20—most engaged subscribers, click Analytics > Subscribers and check the Performance by subscriber table.

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