An Unconfirmed subscriber is someone who didn’t confirm their email address after opting-in to your Audience through a form with the double opt-in feature turned on.

A double opt-in is an additional step to make sure a subscriber wants to join your email list. They have to give express consent by confirming their email address. If a subscriber’s status in your audience is Unconfirmed, they failed to confirm their email address.

You can read more about How to set up the double opt-in for your subscribers here.

How to find your Unconfirmed subscribers

First, you will want to figure out how many Unconfirmed subscribers you have in your Audience.

  • Log into your Flodesk account

  • Go to your Audience tab

  • Click Filter

  • Select Active, Unsubscribed, Bounced, and Marked As Spam

The total number of filtered subscribers will appear on your screen similar to the screenshot example below.

After you have this number, you can subtract it from your ‘All subscribers’ total. The difference will be your number of Unconfirmed subscribers.

Example: (Active + Unsubscribed + Bounced + Marked As Spam) - All subscribers = Unconfirmed subscribers

What to do about Unconfirmed subscribers

Your solution will depend on how many subscribers are unconfirmed.

If you have a small number of Unsubscribed subscribers, we recommend clicking through your Audience and resending them the double opt-in.

The ‘Resend opt-in’ button will appear underneath the subscriber’s status.

By clicking it, the subscriber will receive another email asking them to confirm their email. Once confirmed, their status will change to Active.

If you have a large number of Unsubscribed subscribers, you will want to isolate them into their own segment to resolve.

Step 1. Export your ‘All subscribers’ segment into a CSV.

Step 2. Filter your CSV and delete every subscriber that doesn’t have the Unconfirmed status.

Step 3. Save the CSV of Unconfirmed subscribers.

Step 4. Go to your Flodesk Audience and create a +New segment.

Step 5. Name your segment ‘Unconfirmed Subscribers’ so that you can keep a close eye on them.

Step 6. Upload your CSV of Unconfirmed subscribers into your new segment. Click on the segment’s card to open it, then click the black +Add subscriber button and select Upload CSV.

It will open a popup window prompting you to select the CSV file from your computer.

Now all of your Unconfirmed subscribers are in one place, making it easier to go down your list and allow them to become Active by resending the opt-in.

Ensure that you remove the subscribers from your Unsubscribed segment after their status changes to Active to eliminate any future confusion.

To do this, you will need to click on the subscriber’s email, navigate to Segments & data, and click on the ‘X’ that appears when you hover over the Unconfirmed segment.

You might also consider removing all Unconfirmed subscribers from your Audience after a certain period of time.

Let’s sum it up!

Unconfirmed subscribers are subscribers who haven't confirmed their email address. Flodesk gives you the opportunity to allow them to become Active by resending the double opt-in email.

You can export your ‘All subscribers’ segment into a CSV, edit the CSV so that it contains only Unconfirmed subscribers and upload your newly edited CSV into a new segment.

Finally, resend the double opt-in email to everyone in this segment one-by-one by clicking the Resend opt-in button next to their email address.

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