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What are Unconfirmed subscribers and how to fix them
What are Unconfirmed subscribers and how to fix them

A quick guide on how to find Unconfirmed subscribers and what to do about them

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An Unconfirmed subscriber is someone who didn’t confirm their email address after opting-in to your Audience through a form with the double opt-in feature turned on.

A double opt-in is an additional step to make sure a subscriber wants to join your email list. They have to give express consent by confirming their email address. If a subscriber’s status in your audience is Unconfirmed, they failed to confirm their email address.

How to find your Unconfirmed subscribers

First, you will want to figure out how many Unconfirmed subscribers you have in your Audience.

What to do about Unconfirmed subscribers

Select all Unconfirmed subscribers and use the bulk action to Resend opt-in.

By clicking it, the subscriber(s) will receive another email asking them to confirm their email. Once confirmed, their status will change to Active.

You might also consider bulk deleting Unconfirmed subscribers from your Audience after a certain period of time if they still haven't confirmed their subscription to your list.

Note: If you delete an unconfirmed subscriber record from your audience and, sometimes later, this person clicks on the double opt-in email CTA to confirm their subscription, it will not add them to your audience as an active subscriber—as the record doesn't exist anymore. They would need to sign up again via a Flodesk opt-in form.


Unconfirmed subscribers are subscribers who haven't confirmed their email address (double opt-in). Find your unconfirmed subscribers by:

  • Going to your Audience tab

  • Clicking Filter

  • Selecting Unconfirmed under the Status

  • Hitting Apply filter

You can then resend them the double opt-in email bulk, or delete them from your list entirely.

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