Preferences on forms help you personalize content and frequency from the start of your subscriber relationship.

By enabling Preferences for your Forms, you can ask your subscribers what they want to hear about by opting into content that's relevant to them. Or you can ask them how often they want to hear from your brand.

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The Preferences Page helps you to personalize content or email frequency throughout your subscriber relationship.

When a subscriber clicks on the 'Manage Preferences' link in your email footer, they are directed to the Preferences Page.

Here they can manage their preferences and opt-in or opt-out from certain content, without unsubscribing from your entire list. Or depending on how you set up your Preferences Page, they can indicate the frequency they want to get news from you.

Learn more about the Preferences Page in our article How to set up the Preferences Page.

Preferences in Forms are not tied to the Preferences Page (and vice versa)

This means you can set up your system to be perfectly tailored to exactly what you want.

You could have Preferences on forms and Preferences Page options exactly matching, giving subscribers the same options when it comes to managing what they want to hear about or how often—or you can display different types of preferences for different forms and for the Preferences Page.

For example, if you have a wine shop, your form can have a preference for

  • White wine

  • Red wine

  • Champagne

But on your Preferences Page, you have preferences for frequency. For example, “How often do you want to hear from us?"

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

These two systems would be separate; you’d create segments accordingly. For example, if a customer is interested in red wine and wants to hear from you every week, you could set up a weekly red wine newsletter and coupon to go out to anyone in the “Red wine” AND “Weekly” segments. This granular specificity allows you to send extremely personalized content to your audience—the cornerstone of a highly engaged list.

Let's sum it up!

Preferences help you personalize content or frequency from the start of your subscriber relationship when they opt-in via one of your forms.

The Preferences Page helps you to personalize content or frequency throughout your subscriber relationship when they click on the 'manage preferences' link in your email footer.

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