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The Do’s and Don’ts of Sharing Your Flodesk Affiliate Link
The Do’s and Don’ts of Sharing Your Flodesk Affiliate Link

A quick guide on best practices for where (and where not) to share your link

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We love empowering you to grow your business, whether that’s through email marketing or passive income as a Flodesk affiliate. Sharing your affiliate link allows you to give friends 50% off their Flodesk subscription and get $19 when they join.

And the more you share, the more opportunities you have to earn.

So get creative, share consistently and keep the following ground rules in mind for a steady stream of affiliate revenue.

Tip: To find your affiliate link, log into Flodesk, click on your logo in the top right corner, then click Share Flodesk.

Where to share your Flodesk affiliate link

We want to help you succeed as a Flodesk affiliate because when you win, we win too! Below are proven strategies that help our highest referrers bring in the big bucks.

1. Add your referral link to your emails

You’re already designing stunning emails—and your audience sees it. The easiest way to implement your referral link passively is to add a small line of copy to the bottom of your emails with something like:

  • Curious how I’m creating these gorgeous emails? Meet Flodesk

  • Ready to upgrade your email newsletters? See what I’m using!

  • You may be wondering about my email marketing secret weapon… look no further!

2. Create an informational blog post

Here are some of our favorite types of blog posts to get your creative juices flowing.

Informative or educational post: Many of the top performing affiliate posts either inform people about the platform or educate them on how to use it. How-to posts work great!

Comparative post: If you’ve recently switched to Flodesk from another platform (or you’re familiar with competitive platforms), consider doing a comparative post that showcases the differences between the two options and why you chose Flodesk.

Roundup post: Create a roundup of your favorite email marketing or other small business tools that business owners should invest in. Here are some tips from top affiliates on roundups:

  • Choose an odd number of tools to feature (we recommend 5), make any affiliate links bold to make them easily identifiable, and pin this post to the top of your blog to keep it top of mind.

  • Be sure to use affiliate and referral links for all the tools you feature to increase your revenue earning potential.

Tip: Always disclose your use of affiliate links.

Need help with your wording? Customize the following disclosure to make it your own.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I only share about companies that I truly believe in.

3. Share on social media

Our favorite channel? Instagram Stories. Here are a few tips on how to generate referrals via IG Stories.

  • Share about how you’re using Flodesk, what you love about the platform, and give your audience a peek at your upcoming email newsletters. People love to see behind the scenes, so pull back the curtain and give them a look at your process.

  • If you have the swipe up feature: link directly to your Flodesk Affiliate link.

  • If you don’t have the swipe up feature: write out your code on the story image or video and add the referral link to your bio for the 24-hour period the story is live.

4. Run ads to amplify your content

Whether you create a blog post or an Instagram highlight all about why you love Flodesk, running ads that promote your content is a great way to expand your reach.

Always be sure your ads:

  • Point to your own domain—Never the Flodesk domain

  • Point to content that includes your affiliate link—Never link directly to your affiliate link

  • Include your branding—Don’t pose in any way as the Flodesk brand

An ad that works perfectly clearly includes your branding and promotes your blog post (e.g., “How Flodesk Revolutionized My Business in 2021”) that includes your link within the content.

Want even more resources for sharing your Flodesk affiliate link?

  • A step-by-step guide that walks you through how to share in Facebook groups

  • Swipe copy with messaging about why you love Flodesk—just copy, paste and customize as you need

  • Promotional images in various formats ready to be shared on all your favorite channels

Let's sum it up!

Share your Flodesk affiliate link often in your emails, on your blog and on social media to earn a steady stream of passive income. To get started today, check out our Flodesk Affiliate Success Kit for even more helpful resources.

And remember: The only form of sharing that’s not allowed is creating ads that point directly to your link.

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