Sometimes managing a subscriber list one by one isn't practical. Being able to apply certain actions to a large number of subscribers at a time is critical for efficient list management.

As such, Flodesk offers powerful ways to manage your subscribers on both an individual and bulk level.

This article covers how to:

  • Select subscribers on your whole list in bulk
  • Select subscribers in an individual segment in bulk
  • Unsubscribe, delete, and add subscribers to segment(s) in bulk

How to select subscribers in bulk

In addition to selecting subscribers one by one, you can select your subscribers in bulk. This means that you can select:

  • All subscribers on your entire list
  • All subscribers in a segment
  • The subscribers listed on a certain page on your full list or in a segment

Follow these steps to select all the subscribers on your list or within a segment:

Step 1. Go to Audience > Subscribers or or Audience > Segments.

Step 2. Click on the checkbox at the top of your subscriber listing page that says Select all.

Step 3. You will then be prompted with a drop down menu to choose from the following bulk selection options:

  • Select subscribers on page: this will select only the 10, 20, 50, etc. subscribers displayed on your current page
  • Select all subscribers: this will select all subscribers either on your list (if you're in Audience > Subscribers > My Subscribers) or in the segment (if you're viewing a specific segment under Audience > Segments)

Step 4. Once you've made your selection, you'll see the Actions button appear. The Actions button gives you the ability to:

  • Add to segment(s): this will add the selected subscribers to the segment(s) of your choosing.
  • Unsubscribe the selected subscribers: this will unsubscribe the selected subscribers from your list and any segment they are in. These subscribers will no longer receive emails from you unless they re-enter your list through an opt-in form. To clarify—they will not be resubscribed if you upload a CSV with their email address on it.
  • Delete the selected subscribers: this will remove the subscribers from your entire list, even if they're in a segment. This action is permanent and cannot be undone.

Let's sum it up!

How to select and manage your subscribers in bulk?

Flodesk allows you to select subscribers in bulk in various ways to make managing your list much easier.

You can bulk select subscribers and apply bulk actions (add to segment(s), unsubscribe, and delete) in both your general Audience > Subscribers > My subscribers list and each of your segments by going to Audience > Segments.

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