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How can I update a subscriber’s email address?
How can I update a subscriber’s email address?
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Did one of your subscribers contact you to change their email address on your subscribers' list as they made a typo when signing up? Or because their work email address that they signed up with is changing?

Well, then you probably saw that the subscriber email address field is greyed out and doesn't seem to be changeable.

So what does it mean? Is there a way to change a subscribers email address?
It's a tricky question and the answer is: yes and no.

Much like other major email marketing platforms we have removed the functionality to edit a subscriber’s email address directly. We did this because it was causing logic issues with all the data that's collected and stored based on that subscriber's actions.

But it doesn't mean we leave you without a solution.

What to do if your subscriber changes their email address?

If a subscriber changes their email address, we recommend adding them as a new subscriber and unsubscribing them with the old or incorrect email address.

To add a new subscriber go to Audience > All Subscribers and click on the Add subscriber button then fill out the necessary fields.

To search for a specific subscriber go to Audience > All Subscribers. There is a Search icon on top of the screen. Click on it, then you can type in their email address, name or just part of it to find them.

Let's sum it up!

If you need to update a subscriber’s email address add them as a new subscriber and unsubscribing them with the old or incorrect email address.

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