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How to add an inline form to your Weebly website
How to add an inline form to your Weebly website

A step by step tutorial on how to embed a Flodesk inline form to a Weebly website

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The most common signup forms you find on websites are inline forms. Those are the ones that are embedded to website pages, blog posts, sidebars, or footers. Unlike popup forms they appear as natural part of the web page and are displayed at all times.

How can you embed such an inline form to your website? By adding two code snippets. 

It's easier than you think. Let me prove it to you!

Start with creating an inline form. This help center article walks you through the steps of how to create and customize your form.

Next, click the black Embed button in the top right corner. You'll see the two embed codes that you need to add to your Weebly website so that the form gets displayed and your subscribers can sign up. It will look something like the below image.

Note: both the so called header code and the inline code has to be added to your website. It is not enough to add only one of them.

How to add the Header code to your Weebly website

From your dashboard, go to Website > Integrations.

Click the “Add new code” button on the bottom of the Integrations page and enter a name for this custom code, e.g. Flodesk form

Then paste the Flodesk header code into the Custom code field.

For the Where would you like to place this code? question keep the tick box selected next to the <head>  as shown in the below image.

Save your changes.

How to add the Inline code snippet to your Weebly website

You can add the inline code snippet in Weebly via the Embed Code section.

  1. Click the < / > Embed Code icon and drag the element to your page wherever you want the form to appear. 

  2. Then copy the inline code snippet from Flodesk and simply click inside the Embed Code element and select Edit Custom HTML

  3. Paste the code in place. 

  4. Once you click outside of the element, your content should show up. 

Note: Some types of code do not display instantly, and if that does occur you can still publish the changes to your site to view.

Review here the Weebly support documentation on how to do this:


How to add an inline form to your Weebly website:
To embed an inline form to your Weebly website you have to add both the header code and the inline code to your website.

To add the header code go to Website > Integrations, and Click the “Add new code” button.

To add the inline code drag an < / > Embed Code element to your page wherever you want the form to appear, and paste the inline code there.

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